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North America » United States » Washington » Skagit Valley October 3rd 2018

We are embarking on our third trip to Japan together. (Bill has been there several times earlier in his life). We will again be visiting my brother Matt and his family, and will meet his wife Dianne and his daughter Madelyn for the first time! For this trip, we are taking the train from the Valley to Vancouver BC, and then flying to Haneda airport in Tokyo. We woke up to a temperature of 38 degrees this morning, and in Tokyo, it's 78! It will be great to have some extra summer....... read more
Boarding the Amtrak in Mount Vernon
Taylor Shellfish farms from the train
Bridges as we arrive in Vancouver

North America » United States » Washington » Skagit Valley September 6th 2014

Unsere erste Station im Nordwesten der USA sind die North Cascades - ein Teil der Rockies, der etwas schroffere Berge als in anderen Teilen zu bieten hat. Mit dem Wohnmobil, das sich teilweise etwas wie ein Schiff fährt, ist das Fahren manchmal gewöhnungsbedürftig, insbesondere, wenn man geschotterte Wellblechpisten fährt; das Geschirr tanzt dann für uns Samba. Und heute ist im Schrank irgendwas aus dem Fach rausgehüpft und hat sich so verkeilt, dass wir den Schrank nicht mehr aufkriegen; mal sehen, wann wir einen Weg finden, wieder an unsere Lebensmittel zu gelangen :{ Die erste Tour hat uns auf einen Pass und weiter zu einem Sattel mit Blick auf einen hübschen Gebirgssee geführt; eine nette Einstiegstour, bei der uns fette Murmeltiere, lustige Chipmunks und niedliche Pikas begegnet sind. Ausserdem hatten wir tolle Ausblicke auf kleine, aber steile ... read more
Putziger Pika
Foto mit Tanja, Jens und ohne Mt. Baker
So sieht Mt. Baker wirklich aus.

North America » United States » Washington » Skagit Valley September 2nd 2014

Along with the adventure of having many house guests during our beautiful summer, we traveled quite a bit around our region, but by the slower means of pedaling, paddling and walking... Here's the best of our trips: A long kayak paddle up the Skagit River estuaries with my youngest brother and his son We spent the day paddling from our house, across the Swinomish Channel and through the "Fish Gate" and into the estuary marshes. A bike tour of Lopez Island My brother, nephew, and I pedaled 15 miles from our house to the ferry, rode the ferry 45 minutes to Lopez Island, and then toured the island, making a 30 mile loop through farmlands and along rocky coasts...and then took the ferry back and rode home! A three day backpacking trip on Mount Baker with ... read more
Our beach
Shoreline near our house

North America » United States » Washington » Skagit Valley December 28th 2013

Happy New Year to you all.....wishing you peace, health and joy in the coming months! In sitting down to write this year's new year greeting, I find myself tired of the "what a wonderful life we've lived this past year" format. While that is true, and we do truly love our life here on Skagit Bay, you've already heard enough about our kayaking, biking, hiking, gardening... Our sons are doing well, and our grandson is exceptional, of course. We are both actively volunteering (Bill is with Hospice now); we sleep late, eat well, read newspapers daily, watch Stewart/Colbert/Maher/Louie C.K. most evenings and frequently feed our House Hunters International addiction as well. Bill would like to watch many more movies on our big screen, but Lynn is always reluctant to commit.... Our travels have been documented here ... read more
Paddling into LaConner
Kayaking Skagit Bay
Blue Evening Skagit Bay

We leave Tuesday morning for a 25 day trip to the state of Oaxaca. It is the next to the last state in Mexico on the Pacific Coast. We will spend the first part of the trip in the capital city (Oaxaca) and the last part on the coast. From Wikipedia: " The state is best known for its indigenous peoples and cultures. The most numerous and best known are the Zapotecs and the Mixtecs, but there are sixteen that are officially recognized. These cultures have survived better to the present than most others in Mexico due to the state’s rugged and isolating terrain. Most live in the Central Valleys region, which is also an important area for tourism, attracting people for its archeological sites such as Monte Albán/... read more
Gabriel sledding in January
bike ride
Methow Valley end of February

North America » United States » Washington » Skagit Valley October 15th 2011

We are heading off to Japan on Sunday...the second trip for me and the 6th for Bill. We will be staying with my brother Matt. Our last trip there was in 2002, before I started blogging, so I have only memories as reference. It was one the most fun trips we've taken. Japan takes silliness seriously, from clothes to fads to TV game shows. Everyone we met was so very helpful. One man actually walked us from one train to another (far out of his way) to make sure we got on the correct train line. Work and school hours are long, streets are packed at 11:30 pm, trains are crowded and no weekend culture is part of the tradition, but there is much energy everywhere. Can't wait to get back! We hope to visit Nikko ... read more
summer evening
Canoes after arrival at Swinomish for the Paddle
Swinomish drummers and dancers

We left Helena early, around 8:00 am, with the temperature around 27 and mostly clear skies. John and Linda's remodel is moving along, and we can't wait to see how it looks when it's done....(so, we'll be back...???!!). The first pass out of Helena was still a bit slippery...the temperature got down to 14 degrees F and there was ice on the road. The rest of the trip was perfect though: mostly sunny and the roads were dry and uncrowded. Leaving the Rockies behind, we crossed more rangeland (mostly Black Angus cattle, with many small calves) and rivers...over two more passes, and through Idaho. We had a late breakfast outside of Coeur D'Alene, and headed west through Washington's palouse: vast wheat fields on rolling hills. After the Columbia Gorge, there are more small farms and towns. ... read more
Mt Helena
Looking west towards the Rockies?
Snowy pass...

North America » United States » Washington » Skagit Valley October 12th 2009

Hello Everyone, We are off to Italy in a will be a real change for us and a return to the travels of our youth. After having spent all of our travel time recently (except for the trip to Canada) in Hispanic (or in Lynn's case, Kenyan) cultures, this will be a different sort of trip. Of course, with the heavy Italian influence in Argentina, we have built in a bit of a segue.... Please unsubscribe if you are not interested! Here are few recent photos...... read more
Grandchild Gabriel with sunflower
Kayaking and biking all summer!
Beebe Family Reunion 2009

North America » United States » Washington » Skagit Valley September 24th 2009

There is a beautiful highway in northern Washington that roadsters like me see everyday in our imaginations but only sometimes confirm with our experiences. Washington State Highway 20 passes through the Cascades east of Burlington, in what can be described as a drive of gradual pleasures. The view east from Burlington is a hopeful one, with rolling hills inundated with trees full of life. The highway disappears quickly into this noticeably less flat terrain, and what emerges is a mountain chain of varied sights and sounds. I remember most the river. The Skagit River slowly appears to the south of the highway, revealing the gradually higher peaks of the typically snowy Cascades. But, the river was not the typical dark brown or blue color. It had a dark gray look that was striking to the eyes. ... read more
Waterfall Above the Skagit
A Lonely Flag
Lake Diablo

What a perfect day for a garden tour! The sun was warm, but not hot. The breeze was soft, but not chilly. It was a perfect day to explore five gardens in the Skagit Valley near LaConner. Our first stop on Alki Tours was Sharon and Jerry Benson's Bed and Breakfast in Allen. Sharon said Jerry's uncle wanted to bulldoze the 1914 Scandinavian farmstead, but Jerry said, "Let's see what Sharon and I can do with it." They made it into one of the Northwest's Best Places to Stay. Once a working dairy farm, the gardens are filled with peonies and roses. Antique equipment and outbuildings stand near the sweeping lawn, herb garden, and expansive vegetable garden. Rooms are available in the farmhouse or in the Garden Tower (a former well tower), which has its own ... read more
Garden Tower Suite
Sharon Benson
Ukrainian Garden

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