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August 16th 2006
Published: August 17th 2006
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Hello all,
I have been up 20 hours but I have made it to my first destination- My cousin Joes in Seattle. After all the security panic I was aloud to take normal hand luggage on the plane but no liquids. This wasn’t really a problem for me but I had fun being nosey in Amsterdam Airport watching everyone have their bag searched and panic as their mascara and other liquids were through away. One elderly American couple had no idea about what was going on and started to blame the Dutch and even said that they should bomb Holland - a little harsh I thought!! Anyway off to the Islands (just off west coast of US and Canada) in Joe’s boat tomorrow so will update you when I get back - the beginning of next week. Miss you all. x t


17th August 2006

The Game
Having lost, I thought I would enter your "Spot the Spelling Mistakes" game, although it's a little harsh to pull you up these as you've been up for 20 hours, so considering that you've done well... :-) ALLOWED Nice to talk to you last night. Love to all in Seattle. Enjoy the islands xx
17th August 2006

Glad you arrive safely
Hi Tamsin - miss you like crazy but glad you got there OK. Didn't do helicopter flight today as weather no good. Had fish and chips in Frinton last night and watched play that Downeys daughter designed (well I fell asleep- so what's new). Every time a plane flies over on way to Stansted I think of you. Have fun xxxxmum
17th August 2006

Tamsin's adventure!
Hey! Glad that you arrived safely and good to keep up with your news. You have inspired me to do something similar hopefully soon! Take care and look forward to reading about your adventures! Jo xxx.
17th August 2006

Good luck!
Really admire you Tamsin! You'll have a fantastic time, look forward to reading your blogs (on my new laptop)...won't have time for TV, what with Pete's-James'-yours-and now YOUR MOTHER'S!!!
18th August 2006

First miss
Today is the first time Pam and I missed you and so have made contact. Obviously we'll only miss you occasionally but hope you are having a good time in the islands with Joe. There could be a good variant to your game in seeing how many spelling and solecisms in Cakemaker's offerings
19th August 2006

Hey Tamsin, glad you got there ok. Hope you're having lots of fun! x x x
21st August 2006

i just have. hope you aren't. have fun me lass. if in doubt head east until you hit land. or should that be west? bring me back some raisins. enjoy, tim

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