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October 12th 2011
Published: October 12th 2011
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We left at 7.30am to head for Seattle. There was only one thing on this tour that Scott actually wanted to see and that was the Boeing factory in Seattle. Sadly the last tour of the day was at 3.30pm so we really needed to hit the road hard.
On the way we passed a RV and Beetle being towed behind that had come off the freeway and travelled some distance off the road. The front of the RV was smashed up pretty bad, but it seemed no one was seriously hurt.

We finally made Seattle in time, and Steve, Annabel, Kylie, Scott and I headed around the assembly lines of the 747’s, then the 777’s and then the 787’s. It was all secret work so no photos were allowed in the world’s largest building, which made the planes seem small in comparison.
One of the assembly lines was moving and if you looked hard enough you could see the plane being moved along. It was at about 1mm a minute or something silly though!
It was a pretty awesome tour, seeing these planes being made and learning just how important each part is, even down to the smallest bolt. Also the price of one of these beasts! The 5 of us almost put a deposit down for our own Trek plane, but the asking price is a little high – several million dollars!

I enjoyed the tour, so did Steve, but I think Scott really enjoyed it. As I said earlier, this was the only thing that Scott was really fussed about doing on this entire Tour, and we were able to do so.

Todd finally picked us up, sadly the traffic in and out of Seattle is rush hour, and we headed to the hotel where Scott, Kylie and I were sharing a room. When we enter we are greeted by a towel made in the shape of a little dog on each bed, which I think is pretty cool.

The three of us managed to get ready quickly and met the others in the lobby before heading to dinner.
We eventually headed to a seafood restaurant near the Pike Place Market, but sadly it was quite busy and we could not get a table for all of us, so we split into two, with Todd, Kylie, Scott and I getting a table on the kitchen counter, whilst Steve, Zack, Joanna, Kristina, Annabel, Jess, Sarah and Becca got a table outside at the back.
After having salmon for the first time and trying a couple of local beers, and after getting a free sample of caviar from one of the waitresses for us to try, I quickly visited the others at the back, to discover that they had been having a great time, especially Annabel once more.

After dinner, Mark, Scott, Steve, Kylie, Kristina, Joanna, Annabel and I walked to the Space Needle, and after getting one of the last lifts up to the top of the day, had a look around at the beautiful night view.
Seattle looked so peaceful from up there, and with the moon reflecting off the nearby Elliot Bay water almost perfectly just added to the wonderful mood. I even think I found the apartment block they used to set Frasier Crane’s apartment in the TV show.
I could have easily stay up here for hours, and I could easily move to Seattle as well.

Sadly we were in Seattle for one night, so had to finally come down when the place closed up and we walked back to the hotel to get some sleep.


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