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October 7th 2015
Published: September 7th 2017
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Well, my countdown clock says I have 1 day and 4 hours until my trip, actually have a few more hours than that but not too many... Will be leaving this Friday at 7ish am. Am getting ready, still lots to do, but thought I'd practice how to blog and reacquaint myself with how to manage the entries, etc... I have to relearn everything when I don't do something consistently, which reminds me of Language School! That will be my song and dance, best of intentions to study Italian but life gets in the way so I will be back in kindergarten no doubt but I will still enjoy learning the same things over again! After 50 isn't everything new again?

Off to continue my packing. See you all later!


8th October 2015

Looking forward to traveling with you via your blog.
8th October 2015

Have a wonderful time Wendy - let me know when you get back, and we will get together! What happened to the Summer? I miss you, XOX Cindi

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