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North America » United States » Washington » Mt Rainier September 16th 2007

Have left Mt. Rainier National Park. Lots of hiking (100+ miles in the past 4 days, more or less). Camping and backpacking. Lots of great camping meals. Okay, some good meals, some mediocre meals. Since some of you are interested in the menus, the past few have included: taco salad (made with TVP (textured vegetable protein), real cheese, salsa made from a dehydrated packet (I added fresh garlic and fresh red pepper) and lettuce. And of course tortilla chips. Yum yum. Topped it off with the wine given to us by the B&B hosts at our last stay (anniversary wine). Stovetop stuffing and an added can of chicken for one night’s meal. Lets just say that what we are currently eating while camping or backpacking is not what we normally would be eating. Course it tastes ... read more
Tahoma Glacier

North America » United States » Washington » Mt Rainier September 14th 2007

We’ve been contacted by the Department of Gnomeland Security regarding the suspicious activities of one, Homey bin Gnomey. We disavowed any knowledge of such a personage, but then we discovered that we had unwittingly been transporting Gnomages across state lines. Somebody set us up and we’re in no little amount of trouble. If the DGS finds out about our aiding and abetting fugitive Gnomes we could end up between a Gnome and a hard place. We would appreciate any information you can provide on the masterminds behind this Gnomestic conspiracy. DGS believes there is a Gnome Cell in our midst and no one is safe from their prankish plots. You may be the next one Gnomed. Please help. ... read more

North America » United States » Washington » Mt Rainier August 30th 2007

We took a short hike to an overlook in the campground at Riverside Park over the Spokane River. We got on Route 90 and headed west. We were surprised at how flat eastern WA state was. We saw a beautiful wind farm in the hills. Then we came to a scenic overlook and saw the beautiful and wide Columbia River. The interstate bridge over the river looked like the cape cod canal bridges. Coming over a hill in Ryegrass, we got our first glimpse of Mt Rainer. This huge 14,110 foot mountain sticking out of the prairie about 75 miles away. We stopped in Ellensburg for lunch and then got on Canyon Road and headed south. The canyon was gorgeous. It was so western looking, something we would expect to see in Wyoming. It followed the ... read more
Spokane River
Swinging Bridge over Spokane River
Wind Farm

Today, we decided to sleep in a little, not remembering that the sun actually rises around 4:45am and our curtains were not quite drawn tight enough. We got ourselves up and ready and packed our bags. We rented our car with Budget and they came and picked us up at our hotel at 10am. After signing away my life and left arm on the rental agreement, we were on our way south on I5. We quickly decided the best route and headed right for Mt. Rainier National Forest. We arrived at the main gate of the park around 12pm. After paying the $15 fee, we were on our way. We decided to head for Paradise, that's right... Paradise... which is the location of the main visitor center on Mt. Rainier. On the way up we ... read more

At 5:45 a.m. Rachel woke up and rolled over to look out the window and check on the weather. Confronted with a majestic view of Mt. Rainier she couldn’t wait to get out on the trails. And neither could I. (Yes, I said majestic. I don’t care if it does sound cheesy, because it WAS majestic. Check the pictures and then question my choice of words.) We had pre-purchased a packed trail lunch from the Inn (a great idea, as it had a sandwich, an apple, sunflower seeds, a granola bar, and a small chocolate bar, and we didn’t have to fuss with it) but it wouldn’t be ready for us to pick up until 8:00. We decided to head out anyway with a couple of bananas and some leftover provisions from the day before. We ... read more
Clouds from Rampart Ridge
Snoqualmie Falls

We didn’t expect to hike in the snow in early June, but that’s exactly what we found ourselves doing. The Paradise area of Mt. Rainier is billed in the travel books as an expansive meadow of wildflowers during the summer. But summer on Mt. Rainier starts late, and the flowers are really in bloom in July and August. In June, at least this June, Paradise is still covered in snow. Of course, we didn’t figure that out until just before we took our first steps up the “trail.” We started that morning in Seattle, which is about 95 miles from Mt. Rainier. We stopped at a grocery for some hiking supplies and headed out. We crossed into the Park just after noon and started making our way up the mountain. First we passed Longmire, a jumping ... read more
Michael and Rachel
Shorts, T-Shirt, Snow
On the "Trail"

North America » United States » Washington » Mt Rainier September 11th 2006

Today we are off to Mt Rainier. Mt Rainier is a dormant volcano that is truly impressive in its size and height. We were really lucky to see it in a beautiful clear day. It is normally covered with clouds 200 days of the year. It was really breathtaking to look at this giant with its glaciers and crystal clear waters flowing down its flanks. We walked on trails around it and were almost more impressed than the active Mt St Helen's. The summit seems falsely really close to you and makes you wonder if you could take a short hike up there... but it cluminates at 14411 feet. (about 4500m) After the day's hike, as we were making our way to Seattle, we got to see a real steam train in action! see the pictures! ... read more
Mt Rainier National Park
Mt Rainier National Park
Mt Rainier National Park

North America » United States » Washington » Mt Rainier August 19th 2006

What a day this was. Out of bed at 6am, I started driving towards Mount Rainier. Mount Rainier, on a clear day, is visible from Seattle even though it is 54 miles southeast of the city. This day was clear blue skies all the way (sunset to sundown) and around 80 degrees. By the way, Mount Rainier is a stratovolcano which has the highest peak (14,111 feet) in the Cascade Range ( The first and closest place to go was Carbon River, which flows out of Carbon Glacier (the largest, by volume, glacier in the U.S.) and through the Carbon Rain Forest (another temperate rainforest and the only inland rainforest in the 48 lower states). This time no paddling, only hiking. On the drive down, I made a short stop at a Wal-Mart in Federal Way ... read more
Carbon Rain Forest - 2
Duckie, Paddington, and Avis
Narada Falls - 1

North America » United States » Washington » Mt Rainier August 5th 2006

We decided to join my parents for a day trip to Mt. Rainier. We went to Paradise, which is where we have gone several times before. We packed a picnic lunch and ate as soon as we reached Paradise. We were so hungry, we just camped out on the hillside right where we had parked--not even bothering to find a picnic area. After lunch, we decided to hike up the trail to see the glacier. It was beautiful up there. We even saw some wildlife. ... read more
View from our hike
More Mt. Rainier

North America » United States » Washington » Mt Rainier July 24th 2006

At the end of July when the temperature in Thurston County exceeded 100 degrees, the Oly Trio (Paddy, faithful wife Nan and faithful pooch Shaddy) escaped for four nights to the Cougar Rock campground on the slopes of Mt. Rainier in the cool view of the nearby glaciers. The images in the blog can be viewed, and are available for purchase, at NW Exposures. I’m a wildscapes photographer living in Olympia, Washington. In addition to my online gallery, I participate in art shows and festivals. We towed our Quicksilver light-weight-aluminum, fold-out tent trailer behind Paddy’s four cylinders Subaru Forester. The Quicksilver has a GVW of 1,500 lbs. We can stow about 300 lbs in it. The Subi can tow 2,000 lbs including passengers, so that gives us some room to carry gear in the car. On ... read more
Narada Falls

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