We haven't even left yet...

Published: June 8th 2015
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We're two weeks away from embarking on our first extended vacation and we've already hit a roadblock. We've discovered that leaving on a Saturday doesn't bode well for making campground reservations. Imagine that!

By postponing our departure 24 hours the probability of making a reservation increases dramatically. Realizing this (with a slap to the forehead) we anticipate spending our weekend nights in various parking lots across the country.

The extra day at home will give us more time to make the necessary repairs we (I) have been putting off (re-sealing the top edge of the shower stall because my first attempt failed). It will also give us more time to forget to pack something.


9th June 2015

On my part. Looking forward to reading about your adventures!
10th June 2015

looking for good
Its there...you 2 will experience it, a lot! Excited for you. PS, you guys have balls for staying in parking lots!

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