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The Driveway
Another photograph from a slightly different angle.

Columbia Gorge Passage Aug 28-29 Leaving the Kalama pageant queens to their prosperous futures, we headed south to our storage unit in east Vancouver, depositing in bins along the way most of our cache of neatly tied shopping bags of detritus. When we finally got all of our motley treasures shoved into the little storage cubicle, yes even the large china chicken, Phil was aghast at what STILL remained in the van. I had to agree that the next few days would require some additional sloughing off (though I tended to think I could solve much of the problem by judicious rearranging and tucking things in here and there--I don't call myself the Queen of the Carry-On Luggage for nothing!) Where would we stay next? Paradise Point sounded nice, but it was pretty close, then there ... read more
First dinner camping
Mystery Curve
Freight Train heads east

Day 10 - Saturday 7am - Uncle Howard and I made an early start to reach the Columbia Gorge Bluegrass Festival down near the border of Washington and Oregan. Basically head south and turn East just before you hit Portland. It was a smooth drive and very pretty as we headed inland through the Columbia Gorge, passing the Bonneville Dam along the way. We arrived at our Motel about 10am and went straight to the festival grounds after that, which were about 2 minutes drive away. This was my first bluegrass festival in the USA! It was as I expected, a large field full of tents, caravans and RV's. The main stage was held in a large open air barn type thing which was good to let the air through during the hot day. It would ... read more
On the Road
Hitting the mountains
The Festival Site

Last night Russ, the man who started this camp 50 years ago, came to our Bible study to talk to us about the history of the camp. Both the other couples have been here before, and Russ used to lead the weekly Bible study, so they know the story behind all this. Russ now has a bad heart, and it’s difficult to for him to talk. He would be telling a story, and he'd hit on a topic~~or pperson~~and say, "That's another story." We wanted to hear more of the stories, but it was a lot for him. It was enlightening to learn about the area, and all they went through to get this camp where it is today. Today we went to Fort Columbia, on the south end of the peninsula. It was the fort ... read more
Ordinance battery

June 16, 2007 - We’re at Olympic National park in NW Washington for four nights…it’s really remote and beautiful here. More about Washington in a minute but first some random thoughts and observations about Oregon: Oregon is great, the scenery is fantastic. We spent a couple of weeks among 4 coastal state parks and one inland park and enjoyed them all. Oregon is very liberal and ecology minded; the entire coast is public land, there are no private beaches, there’s no sales tax; they don’t put any fluoride in the water, at the campgrounds the trash dumps have bins labeled (no kidding) clear glass, brown glass, green glass, aluminum cans, plastic bottles, newsprint, cardboard and finally Trash!! You’re not allowed to pump your own gas (I’m serious). There are little drive thru Expresso stands on ... read more
Washington coast
Grace bundled up!
Washington coast  2

Gorge Games 2006 North America » United States » Washington » Columbia River Gorge WA side By Kai Ikaika PaddlerJuly 15th 2006Kai IkaikaGorge Outrigger Race 2006 Stevenson, WA. Tui Tonga men from Hawaii came for the race. A few of the pics are from Sheila - I'm finally getting these up. The mens race pics didn't come out too great.. ... read more
Tui Tonga Men
Me and Sheila Kuyper
Me and Andy Penny

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