Trip West 2007 #5 Washington

Published: June 17th 2007
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Olympic national parkOlympic national parkOlympic national park

Hurricane visitors center .. a mile high
June 16, 2007 - We’re at Olympic National park in NW Washington for four nights…it’s really remote and beautiful here. More about Washington in a minute but first some random thoughts and observations about Oregon: Oregon is great, the scenery is fantastic. We spent a couple of weeks among 4 coastal state parks and one inland park and enjoyed them all. Oregon is very liberal and ecology minded; the entire coast is public land, there are no private beaches, there’s no sales tax; they don’t put any fluoride in the water, at the campgrounds the trash dumps have bins labeled (no kidding) clear glass, brown glass, green glass, aluminum cans, plastic bottles, newsprint, cardboard and finally Trash!! You’re not allowed to pump your own gas (I’m serious). There are little drive thru Expresso stands on every corner. We’re pretty sure that Oregon issues an RV to each resident. At least it seems that way! It also appears that Oregon does not contain any black people but Mexicans are admitted. It’s also always 53 degrees and wet. Very interesting and different….We’re definitely coming back to see more of Oregon.

Yesterday we took the ferry over to Victoria, Canada and had a great time riding our bikes around, checking out the sights and trying the local food. Salmon is king up here, had a toasted bagel with smoked salmon, cream cheese and capers and grilled salmon salad for lunch with a dark ale…good stuff!!

Today we took a nice hike in the Hurricane ridge area in Oympic NP which is a mile reminds us of the Bavarian alps with huge sloping meadows and snow covered peaks.

June 19, 2007 - For the first time in this trip we’re heading east and south. We’re near Mt. Rainer and Mt. St. Helens. Rainer still has a ton of snow around but it was unusually warm and sunny.

June 21, 2007 - We’re staying on the Columbia river gorge about 70 miles east of Portland for a few days…it’s hot down here. Tomorrow we continue heading east for a few days until we get to Rocky Mtn. NP. Then it’s back to Alabama then florida.

June 22, 2007 - staying in Boise, Id….went here to see a statue in the rotunda of the capital building that was carved in 1869 by a distant relative named (no kidding) Charles Ostner. But get this….the capital was closed for renovations!! We went to the historical society museum and they has some pictures and info….on to Cheyenne, Wy tomorrow then Rocky Mtn. NP for 4 days

Additional photos below
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Victoria harbor 2Victoria harbor 2
Victoria harbor 2

took our bikes on ferry
Olympic national park  3Olympic national park  3
Olympic national park 3

wasn't as cold as it looks
Hurricane ridge 2Hurricane ridge 2
Hurricane ridge 2

looks like Bavaria!

this was our campsite for 4 nights
Mt. RainierMt. Rainier
Mt. Rainier

believe it or not it was about 65 and sunny!
Mt. Rainier 2Mt. Rainier 2
Mt. Rainier 2

we hiked up about a mile and half to close to where the climbers were starting...that's Mt. St. Helens over my shoulder
climbers on Mt. Rainerclimbers on Mt. Rainer
climbers on Mt. Rainer

this pic was taken at about 6000'...they were at about 10,000' and the summit is 14,500 ...takes 2 days

23rd June 2007

can you tell we like it here?
Love the scenery pics, but the "can you tell we like it here?" pic says it all!!
23rd June 2007

Wondrful to hear from you as always. I'm glad to hear that Oregon is worth the trip. My best friend, Janet's daughter and husband are attorneys in Portland and she has said that it really is a different mind set out there. The only problem being the rain. Can't wait to hear about all of your adventures in person. Have a safe trip home!
24th June 2007

The Northwest
Hi Guys! Thanks for sharing the additional pics. We especially enjoyed the Mt. Rainier ones. We lived in Bremerton, Washington for a year in 1981 while Gene's Naval ships was in the shipyards for repairs. We were so impressed by the incredible shades of green everything was from all that rain. Also, isn't it amazing how Mt. Rainier sticks up almost out of nowhere and can be seen from so far away? We have great memories of the Northwest U.S. but haven't been back since we moved. You are really motivating us to hit the road! We will miss you at our big b-day bash on 6/30...but....if you put the pedal to the metal and make it back in time, bring your guitar Chuck! Lots of musicians attending from all different bands...should be a great jam session! Regardless of when you get home, drive safe, and we'll look forward to seeing you again! Cheers!
26th June 2007

What an awsome trip! Indeed, you both look very happy to be there and I can see why. We just got back from a week in Kentucky where I showed off my home town area to Pam. Lots of change but still the same... I'm sure you know that feeling. I've only seen Seattle, Victoria and Vancouver in Washington but plan to take in the rest someday and after seeing your pics I can't wait. Hope it wasn't too early for the blackberries and blue berries in Oregon and for sure I hope you found the Tillamook Cheese Factory and ate their wonderful oysters. Hey, why come home??? Just go around again..... Dave

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