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May 23rd 2012
Published: May 28th 2012
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Wednesday 23rd of May Another day in the Capital, my cough had been getting worst and it had stopped me sleeping well. Almost the entire room was snoring lead once again by my honourable friend. I was woken in the morning by Michael bringing me a cup of orange juice, he had gone out and bought it for me from McDonalds. This single act of kindness was a moment in our friendship I shall cherish and always remember. My throat was sore from coughing I was again hungover from a great night out but this time not so ill. This gift was the most perfect gift a friend could give at that moment, it proves it's the little things that matter most. I stayed lying in bed for a while drinking my Orange while Michael went to charge his phone in the lounge. Next thing I know he comes back in extremely angry. "That Bitch" he cried. In his rage trying to explain what had happened he could barley get his words out."She spilt my drink", "I put it on the table turned round to open the locker and splat all over the floor" the Chinese girl that the hostel manager disliked had just completely taken out Michael's drink. It was a very very hot day and Michael had been waking up all night in sweats because the air con was turned off. For those of you who know Michael he doesn't deal with heat well, in my opinion it's because at home he sleeps in his room which is already like a fridge with the fan on! So the weather here was unbearable for him. Michael didn't want to drink the water from the hostel as it tasted awful and wasn't well filtered. He walked a long way specifically to get those drinks. For himself he had a Large Spite with ice. He was mortified and wished death upon the girl he was still talking about this single accident days later. Later that day we decided to go out and walk down to a Mall in Georgetown. On the way we stopped off at a coffee shop called SoHo to have have a nice cup of coffee. The waitresses were lovely we only opened our mouths for a few seconds to order a couple of drinks and I could already hear the waves of delight coming from them. We told them we are travelling across America and so far we had felt safest in Washington. We sat down to drink our drinks I had a coffee and Michael a chilled vitamin water. It was boiling and let me say that old wives tale, that normally old grandmas come out with that a hot drink cools you down is a load of Bull and don't listen to them. It only makes you feel hot inside and out. Next thing I know over comes one of the waitresses with another coffee this time a cappuccino she said she just made it for practice and do we want it for free. Well one it's free and two we are polite English gentlemen and if a lady has made you a nice drink you should accept her gift graciously. Problem was Michael does like hot drinks. I just had a large coffee and was becoming hyperactive already. I was sure this second large coffee was going to tip me over the edge but whatever you only live once I thought. Despite heart palpitations due to too much caffeine we continued towards Georgetown. It was a beautiful area of Washington the architecture was stunning, the sun was glaring down, the shops were all designer labels and top high street brands. I was so happy (partly due to the caffeine it was like being a kid in a sweet shop). Not so much could be said for Michael we were getting towards midday he was already hot and he hates shopping. We found the mall was closed for refurbishment but most shops were accessible from outside. Not good! I thought, no place for Michael to cool down. I guessed it wasn't going to be long before he shut down to no talking not bothered about anything and unpleasant to be around, it's weird so far I have known Michael for most of my life but this grumpy side of him I very rarely saw at home. 'Grumpy Michael' is normally very punctual arriving at roughly 12pm every day but when he's in this mood it very irritating. Well we here now it's a long walk back let's enjoy it I went in all my favourite shops and tried on some great clothes bit to expensive here though so nothing was purchased. Micheal was hot so he wanted a vest he went into American Apparel didn't look picked up a vest and bought it this was silly in my opinion. What if it didn't fit and or looked crap and what about shopping around to get the best price all things Michael couldn't care less about. luckily for him it did fit. It was time to eat and go back to the hostel, I wanted to try somewhere new. Michael just wanted Subway or McDonald's as it was easy, this was going to cause a small argument on the way home. I was sick of the rubbish we were eating I had already found a new spot and wasn't happy. So we ended up going into a cheap Chinese at the end of our road I know still not healthy but thankfully it was different I ordered sweet and sour chicken with rice and a portion of chips on the side. Michael ordered a cheese burger and a very small promotional pizza stick. When it arrived Michael admitted to me that he had food envy, my meal was far larger and nicer looking and was only 2 dollars more expensive, Michael's burger was falling apart. My meal came in those little card boxes like you see on films. We are used to Chinese being in plastic containers at home. The only issue with mine was the sweet and sour source deffinitly contained MSG and tasted very different to what I'm used to. I ate most of it gave some to Michael and pack the rest up for a snack later. On arrival I put my food in the fridge while we sat down to catch up on our bloggs and watched basketball on tv and got into a debate about music with the hostels 70s hippy manager while Americas got talent was on, he was the happiest I've ever seen him when Aerosmith came on. I finished my food while Michael chatted to the German girl that we went out with last night. She didn't sound German and had a broad accent as she had been studying in America for a while now. She sounded like she was from Brooklyn. Off to another lovely nights sleep in our hot Cell filled with 6 snoring Chinese boys.


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