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North America » United States » Virginia » Wintergreen February 20th 2017

We've had a pretty good trip, a couple of sicknesses notwithstanding. Two days of skiing in the books, an hour and a half of tubing later on today to go. We left Milledge Ave Baptist Church in Athens, GA, on Friday afternoon at 5PM for a weekend of skiing at Wintergreen Resort in Virginia. None of us had ever been here, though many of us had gone skiing before. Our typical church-youth-group skiing trip had been at Winter Place, WV, since at least 2005. But we decided to try something new this year, since we had a majority of students who had not made that destination a tradition for themselves yet. There have been some perks to this place, as well as a few things to get used to. The first thing was the distance. Many ... read more
The before picture
Leaving the hotel on the first morning
Had to show off my pussy hat on the slopes - the only place it's really been cold enough for it all year for me

North America » United States » Virginia » Wintergreen November 29th 2010

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