And then there were Two!

Published: April 16th 2010
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So Caras gone. I think we all sort of felt it coming. she just wasnt liking much about the trip or the smell of our feet. we stayed at a Rest area last nite with a bunch of truckers. we left richmond so late, it didnt make any sense to pay to stay somewhere.

in the morning cara proclaimed that she had been petrified all nite, hadnt slept, and never wanted to stay at one again. a rest area. so, without coffee, we pushed on for williamsburg and VA beach.

we stopped at colonial williamsburg, at caras suggestion, and walked around for a few hours. it was such a nice day out that i didnt really care that the place looked the same as the last time i was there.

after that, we shook off for va beach and uncle mikes house. funny thing about highway driving, its all straight. so if youve basically lost power steering you wont notice until you try to exit to get gas. so i carefully musculed the rv into the gas station, fill the tank and refilled the power steering pump. i already knew there was a leak somewhere judging by the fluid sprayed all over the engine compartment. but the refill allowed me to get to a walmart parking lot up the street. after a little investigation, i determined the problem to be a split in the pump return line. since there was more line there than i needed i cut off 3 inches and reattatched it. try it out, and the leak remained. cut off 3 more inches. reattatched, problem solved. no worries.

there was some minor confusion we i sent cara into walmart to buy auto tran fluid, but we pressed on without any extra. i was optimisticly confident that the fix would hold. At uncle mike we left cara at the house with kat, unckle mikes navy lady friend, and set off on a 6 mile bike ride. when we returned, it was to a teary eyed cara, professing she "needs to talk". JoDan and i instantly knew what was about to happen. some of the words used were "skin crawling" "foot odor" and "i never thought it would be like THIS" so after some talking, sobbing, and hugging, we helped cara pack and kat drove her to a motel and that was that. so that nite in honor of cara, jodan and i put on a smelly sock puppet show for the neighborhood.


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