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North America » United States » Vermont » Brattleboro August 9th 2016

Geo: 42.8528, -72.5583Editor's NOTE: Normally Glenn proof-read's my blog and does some major editing, however I am not asking him to do this for me, since he needs a break. So bear with me if there are misspelled words and the grammar is incorrect. Thanks for reading. Also, I've changed the format for the most recent entry to be on top.Today, Tuesday was a pretty hard and consistent day. We left Millie's farm at exactly 6:00am. Our scheduled plan to leave. We didn't know how hard it would be to cross back over into USA. We had no problem at all. The traffic was pretty light going through Buffalo NY. The sun was shining straight into our eyes as we headed East on the Tollway.As we drove along the interstate 90, it was pretty. There are ... read more
Vermont - Snow Snow Snow
Bennington Monument
Over There

North America » United States » Vermont » Brattleboro March 9th 2014

Remember the sunny summer days of 2013? Here's a throwback to our tennis brunch at Rudyard Kipling's tennis court in August to keep everyone going through what feels like the eternal winter. It was a bright day filled with delicious food, great friends and family and winning….smiles. It's hard to say exactly who won, but Shannon and Arial were definitely the best players. We look forward to a rematch this summer!... read more
Arial, Shannon & Gretchen
Lucia & Henry
Matt & Joy

North America » United States » Vermont » Brattleboro October 5th 2013

Our dinner was so fantastic - produce from Kindle Farm and great cooking by Hardy Foard catering. It was really fun to go around and visit with everyone. The dancing that followed was amazing! Thanks everyone for such a great celebration.... read more
Bon Apetit
We are married!

North America » United States » Vermont » Brattleboro October 4th 2013

As the first of our blog entries, we will back up to post some wedding photos. Enjoy some from the Rehearsal!... read more
"Will you be our ringbearer?"  "Maybe."
Mother, Father, Sister of the groom
Kendall, Rob & Justin

North America » United States » Vermont » Brattleboro October 4th 2013

Better late than never, right? Finally, we are sharing our wedding day photos. More to come.... read more
bri and justin
Sarah, Ellenka and Henry

North America » United States » Vermont » Brattleboro August 10th 2013

10 August, 2013 We were out before nine this morning, early for us, but we were eager to get to the Mt. Washington Auto Road. There were bicyclists everywhere as there were two separate bicycle races underway. We could see there were clouds at the top of the mountain, but that is the case 60% of the time. We opted to take the guided tour, one with a professional driver who knows the road and gives interesting bits of information on the way up and down. I knew Kerry would not want to drive this road, which is steep, narrow and winding. And the winds are ferocious. We bought tickets and only had about a 10 minute wait before our guide, Erik, called us to load up. We ride in a van with a special transmission, ... read more
Appalachian Trail marker
Dirt Road
In the clouds

North America » United States » Vermont » Brattleboro September 26th 2012

Arrived in Brattleboro on Amtrak trains from New York, it's the equivalent of a little English market town with the Connecticut river nearby. Very quiet and sleepy just what you need after New York. Walked round the town yesterday they have some great shops here mostly arty. There one shop called Beadnicks which is just amazing whether or not you are interested in making things from beads the display alone is well worth a visit. Every colour you could possibly think of and every shape and size, from minute to huge wooden beads. It's GREAT and the guy in their was really nice. There was another art shop/gallery which had several different artists work. Some great photographs and amazing wood carvings, one of a horses head carved from maple wood and the grain in the wood ... read more

North America » United States » Vermont » Brattleboro May 20th 2011

It;'s time to revitalize this blog. Tomorrow, I head off to England. The trip leader, Lucy, is already there. I meet the students at Logan and come over with them. It's an overnight flight, and I anticipate not getting much sleep. For now, however, I'm nervous and excited and want to get on with it. The past week, a vacation week so to speak, has been filled with heavy rain, I hope not to prepare me for the English weather. It's early but I put in all my garden, both plants and seeds. I predict some of them will not take, with all the wet, but I wanted to have things going before I left. There are a number of similar fixing-up-the-house sort of details to take care of before departure. Going away for this long ... read more

North America » United States » Vermont » Brattleboro June 20th 2009

It's been a few years since my last travel blog (U.K. in 2007). I'm leaving for Ireland in two weeks, so I'm reviewing the blog posting process. If you are still subscribed to my blog from 2007, feel free to unsubscribe now, or stay on and you'll get notices of my postings over the next six weeks. I hope to post a few times per week. Feel free to share my blog address and/or posts with other friends and family. I have a lot to do to get ready to leave. I have to pack my clothes and gear to be away from home for 6 weeks. I need to be ready for any kind of weather. Mostly it should be in the 60's and 70's, so my uniform will probably be capri pants, a T-shirt, ... read more
Rhys and Logan
Clark Baccalaureate
Clark and friends before prom

North America » United States » Vermont » Brattleboro October 20th 2008

“Wither shall we flee from civilization, to take off the harness and ties of society, and rest for a season, from the restraints, the conventionalities of society … the strife’s and competition of life?" Samual H Hammond 1857 (said about the Adirondacks) Well, it has only been 10 days but it feels like 10 weeks. I have been doing lots of activities and travelling. Most of my trip won’t be this busy, but I knew the fall colours and the nature of Vermont would keep me busy as that is what I love to do most. Ok … for those people who like stats … 11 days, 2650 km’s driven, 2 campgrounds, 3 hostels, 1 stop at McDonalds. I just arrived in Boston this afternoon. My leaf peeping days are finally complete but I had a ... read more
New York 1
Colours 1
Colours 2

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