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August 15th 2006
Published: August 19th 2006
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Daring DoDaring DoDaring Do

Robert demonstrates his manly manliness

Day 11 - August 15, 2006

This morning dawned incredibly bright and early (probably too bright and early!) but at least we were not freezing. (The low was only in the lower 60s.) Most of us tried out the KOA's shower facilities and I can tell you that you definitely do want to keep your flip flops on in the shower. But at least we could keep the water running during the entire shower.

Then it was "on the road again". We made our first stop at Four Corners via New Mexico. This is a place where one can stand in one spot and be standing in four state simultaneously. The four states are New Mexico, Arizona, Utah and Colorado. We also bought some "authentic" Navajo Frybread. It tasted like donuts made from biscuits in a can. The admission to Four Corners Monument was a whopping $3 per person. It must have been to fund the unending line of porta-potties all around the site. I guess a lot of people need them (there is nothing around for miles), but I would definitely stay away from #232 - the leaning tower of Pissa.

We left via Arizona, then went into
Daring Do 2Daring Do 2Daring Do 2

Austin, not to be outdone, shows what he can do
Utah to go to the Natural Bridges National Monument. We were rolling along on Hwy 163 when we saw an area where there had been a rockslide. Gauging from the size of the rocks, (boulders really), that were left, it was pretty devastating. We then proceeded to Hwy 261 North. This is marked on the map as being "scenic" and it was, right thru the point where we ran out of room on the road. We saw a couple of signs that gave some warning, I only wish that we had had warning prior to the trip.

The first sign said: "NOT Recommended for Trucks over 10,000 lbs g.v.w., RV's - Buses - Vehicles Towing". The second sign was even more ominous: "5 MPH" under one of those squiggly road signs. The real tip-off was the little addendum underneath the sign that said "Next 3 MI" (and that's "MI" for miles, not Michigan). When we saw two cars having trouble passing each other, we knew we couldn't make it. The road was impossibly narrow. Luckily, there was a turn out and somehow we turned the 31-foot monster around and went back. I wish I had some pictures to show
Navajo FrybreadNavajo FrybreadNavajo Frybread

At Four Corners Mounument, many interesting items are offered for sale - we just had to try the frybread
you, but I was too scared to think rationally, much less aim and push the button on the camera. (Even "point and shoot" cameras require a lucid operator).

We retraced our way to Hwy 163 and proceeded to Canyonlands National Park, stopping at the Needles Overlook. The sky was somewhat overcast, so we didn't get a clear shot across the canyon of the "Needles", but we saw some fantastic views nonetheless and also saw an awesome lightning show all around us and over the mountains.

Wilson Arch was next. The boys took no time in scrambling up to the top. Some of the way down, however, was accomplished by sliding. Having done a lot of this in baseball, Robert found this to be a simple task.

We stopped at the Moab, Utah KOA for the night. The spaces are narrow and ours was fairly uneven, so we were tilted in the RV. (It is amazingly difficult to shower in a tilted shower). Tonight was another night for the game "Kill Dr. Lucky", one of the kids' favorite games. What can I say? It travels well! (I'm sure I don't know where my kids get their warped sense
Navajo Frybread CloseupNavajo Frybread CloseupNavajo Frybread Closeup

Something like an Elephant Ear or Funnel cake, but a bit chewier
of humor!)

Additional photos below
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Four Corners Second MonumentFour Corners Second Monument
Four Corners Second Monument

Your fees at work, more porta-potties in one place than you've ever seen
Scott, did you see that sign?Scott, did you see that sign?
Scott, did you see that sign?

Didn't it say something about RVs???
How about that sign?How about that sign?
How about that sign?

I'd really like to go home now...
Needles Overlook - Part 1Needles Overlook - Part 1
Needles Overlook - Part 1

This area of Canyonlands National Park is dominated by formations referred to as "Needles"
Needles CloseupNeedles Closeup
Needles Closeup

Looking down into the Needles section of Canyonlands National Park

24th August 2006

The pictures are breath taking!!! Thanks for sharing them! Sue

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