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North America » United States » Utah » Saint George May 14th 2022

OK. Only 2 days before we leave. I am testing to make sure this blog is going to everyone. Let me know if you get this and want to receive this blog... read more

North America » United States » Utah » Saint George May 12th 2022

Only 4 days left before Dave and the girls plus Darrin depart to invade Paris and Italy. This trip has been in the planning stage for the past two years now we are finally going. I will try to keep the blog updated each day with pictures. No guarantees after a day with the girls, but I will try. Get ready for another adventure. Back to you in a few.... read more

North America » United States » Utah » Green River April 9th 2022

We have now traveled into our eighth state! We bid the Ruskins and Bella a fond farewell this morning, and headed back towards Golden, the only backtracking we have done on this trip. From Golden, we turned west towards home. The road over the Rockies was beautiful, with varied scenery. We saw active ski areas, impressive rock walls reaching high above us, and many mining towns. We were at over 11,000 feet at the highest pass! One of the 6% downhill grades lasted for over six miles, and there were many warning signs for truckers and many runaway truck ramps along the highway. We stopped to climb Dinosaur Hill, where an almost intact Brontosaurus was found in 1901. Elmer Samuel Riggs (1869-1963) was a paleontologist who worked for the Field Museum in Chicago. In this area, ... read more
One of the many tunnels on Route 70
Red, red rock!
Mine tailings

North America » United States » Utah » Ogden September 14th 2021

So how much water is in the Colorado River anyway ? I made a special visit to Riverside Park in Grand Junction to find out. Unfamiliar with before and after or how to measure flow, it seemed pretty much up to normal levels (below the addition of the Gunnison, of course). I decided to look at the Green River too, to see if I could see anything with my un-practiced eye. That also meant I could visit the John Wesley Powell museum at Green River -- a plus -- but would have to face I-15 traffic going North through Provo and Salt Lake City. Big negative -- but this is what I ended up doing. The Green River also had a 'normal' amount of water. The town is where the 1869 Expedition to run the Colorado ... read more
Colorado River running through Grand Junction
The Green River at Green River.
Sculpture of the Emma Dean

North America » United States » Utah » Kanab September 3rd 2021

After checkout, We were headed to Pahrump, NV to have breakfast with our friends John and Jennifer Trunk. It was a nice leisurely breakfast as none of us had a long travel day in front of us. We still can’t get over that we ended up in the same place at the same time so many miles from home. We headed to Kanab and as we entered Utah we found a visitors center. So we got off the Interstate and pulled In the parking lot. A car pulled along side of us and the people were waving. We Got out and heard “Let’s Go Mountaineers!” The young man was a 1999 graduate of WVU and saw our WV plate and followed us just to Cheer on a fellow mountaineer! After he and his wife left, Ed ... read more

We had a very long drive yesterday. We enjoyed our drive through Yellowstone on the way out, and our drive through the southern part of Idaho was also gorgeous. Once we crossed into Utah, the scenery started to change from forested mountains to arid landscape. It got very hot. Surprisingly, the highways were extremely busy in Utah as well. There were many cars on the road with a high speed limit (80 mph). It felt a little dangerous driving through the state (especially through Salt Lake City), but we eventually made it to southern Utah and the town of Moab. It was evening, and the KOA office was closed. Thankfully, they had our keys waiting for us, so we were able to get to our cabin no problem. We also grabbed Paul & Colleen's key. They're ... read more
Oliver at Arches National Park
Arches National Park

North America » United States » Utah July 7th 2021

2021-6 Utah, Arizona DVD 0 2021-6 Utah, Arizona DVD 1 2021-6 Utah, Arizona DVD 2 2021-6 Utah, Arizona DVD 3 2021-6 Utah, Arizona DVD 4 2021 6 Life of Indians 2021 6 Coral Pink state Park 2021 6 The Wave lotto 2021 6 Mommoth cave, Utah url= read more

North America » United States » Utah July 7th 2021

Bucskin Glutch 2021 Bucskin Gulch 2021-6-23 Kanab, Utah Truoc khi di Utah cung nhu bat cu chuyen du hanh nao toi deu nguyen cuu truoc. Ky nay theo su nguyen cuu cua toi toi biet duoc noi day, Kanab co vung nui rat dep duoc tao thanh boi nhung dai da do nhu nhung lang song tuyet dep nen duoc goi la The wave hay hay Coyotes Buttes North. La mot trong nhung rock formation dep nhat the gioi. Toi thuc day luc 4am de di tu Las Vegas den thang Kanab center de du cuoc rut tham luc 9am. Tuy nhien toi da quen la Utah di truoc Las vegas 1 hr nen toi den noi la cuoc rut tham da xong. Toi danh di den Bucskin Gulch gan Kanab. Den noi day toi moi ... read more

North America » United States » Utah » Bryce Canyon July 7th 2021

Bryce Canyon National Park 2021 6 Bryce Canyon,Utah Tu day toi di den Bryce Canyon. Truoc khi den Bryce Canyon la Red Canyon voi cat do rat dep. Toi kike len doi cat do de dung tren diem cao rat kho khan va co le day la lan leo cuoi cung. Toi di thang veo Bryce Canyon noi day toi da den 6 thang truoc. Toi chay xe the con duong vao canyon voi canh tri 2 ben rat dep. Toi nay toi ngu tai thanh pho Springdale gan Bryce Canyon.... read more

North America » United States » Utah » Capitol Reef July 7th 2021

Capital Reef National Park 2021 6 Capital Reef National Park, UTah 2021-6-25 Capital Reef , Arches National Parks Sang nay toi di den Capital Reef National Park. Tai sao duoc goi la Capital Reef ? Boi vi noi dai co ngon doi da nho co hinh Capital Hill o Washington D.C. va vach da chay dai nhu la Great Barrier Reef o Australia. Khi vao Capital Reef toi thay lien 2 tang da lon nam gan nhau duoc goi la Twin Rock. Tinh co co mot nhom sinh vien cua truong dai hoc o Ohio cung den nguyen cuu dia chat o vung nay. Tai day cung la vung ma nguoi Mormon den vao nhung nam 1880. Ke den la Chimney rock, roi Golden Throne, Egyptian Temple, Capitol Dome vi the ma duoc goi la Capital ... read more

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