Road Trip Has Begun

Published: May 28th 2017
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Well I am really cranky now. After spending the best part of an hour telling you all about where we have been and what we have been doing, the internet at our Salt Lake City hotel decided to kick me off before I had a chance to auto save my blog. I HATE computers sometimes (isn't that right Cathie Dill??) and I really don't have the energy to write it all back down again so I'm giving you an abbreviated version this time. Sorry.

2 full days in Las Vegas. WOW WOW WOW. Nathan Burton magic show = fantastic. Legends in Concert show with impersonators doing Elvis, Janis Joplin, Marilyn Monroe and Michael Jackson = brilliant. Huge Bellagio fountain show with flame throwers and fireworks as they were filming a new video for a song by a rapper called Drake. Venetian hotel = magnificent. All the hotels were beautiful. The Tahiti Village Resort and Spa where we stayed was also great.

2 days at Springdale near Zion National Park. Just wonderful. Did a few short hikes here. This park is expected to have 70,000 people go through it this Memorial Day weekend. Lucky we missed those crowds. It was already pretty busy when we were there.

2 nights at Jacob Lake Inn near the North Rim of the Grand Canyon. The place was great as long as you didn't need tv, radio, internet or a telephone. Our cabin was terrible with a sloping floor, creaky boards and a dungeon for a shower/toilet. First day we visited the Grand Canyon which is really beautiful. Went to 2 different outlooks. Second day we drove for 8 hours return to see the famous Horseshoe Bend and Monument Valley. The valley is famous for being in heaps of western movies. This was Noel's favourite place so far.

2 nights at Tropic which is 10 miles from Bryce Canyon. Bryce was different yet again from the other parks but just as special. Pretty hard to climb a slight rise on a trail at 10,000 feet. Did 2 small hikes here and Noel actually went down into the Hoodoo's for a hike on his own. I keep telling him I don't do stairs and hills but he keeps asking. I did the laundry instead.

Today we have driven up to Salt Lake City. It is huge. We went to a comedy show tonight...Pirates of the Caribeener. Some of it was lame but some of it was funny.

Tomorrow we head further north to Jackson for a night before entering the Grand Tetons and Yellowstone.

Hope you like the photos. xxx

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28th May 2017

I'm loving your trip! The blog is great and helps me know that there's a big wide world out there to explore! Go Margaret!
29th May 2017

Hi Rosemary
You would love this trip. I'll post photos of where we are now (Jackson Wyoming) in the next few days. It's beautiful. Great time to come over. Idaho and Wyoming are green as Ireland. There is still snow on all the mountains and there are a LOT of mountains. It's just wonderful and we haven't killed each other .....yet.
30th May 2017

I love your blogs .... and the pictures. Keep'm comin girl. Your looking great .... lot of exercise in the good ole outside huh? And, yes I know exactly what you mean about computers .... Anxious to read the next chapter .... be safe, have fun ..... can't wait to see you. Afraid that after all the fantastic places you've been it'll be rather boring around this place.

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