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26th April 2021

Hi lovely I hope you still have a great time.. be safe and enjoy xxxxxxx
25th April 2021

Have fun and FINGERS CROSSED!!!!
Hoping you get there guys- a motorhome sounds like awesome fun!
29th September 2019

Great blog Margaret. I can hear you talking whilst I am reading. Loving your travel adventures.
27th September 2019

It makes me happy knowing you are having an amazing time.
21st September 2019

i'm with Catherine..... 23kgs???
Yeah.... i don't understand why you have so much luggage to start with...... When i went to Europe 10yrs ago.... we did a 9 night, 3 island "hop"..... Departing from Athens, we had to "load our own bags" on the ship.... this meant lugging it up some stairs before finding the storage place. I remember an American lady, travelling with her daughter, complaining about dragging her luggage up the stairs..... and all i thought was .... "if you can't carry it, then don't pack it"....... 15kgs sounds like a nice number to be dragging around. Mind you..... on one of the island stays.... i could smell the hotel laundry dryers..... and i thought..... fresh clothes would be nice.... and i didn't care what it cost, but i put it in to the hotel laundry for washing..... when it returned i just sat there for awhile smelling it.... nothing like the smell of fresh washed clothes..... much like the feeling of sleeping on fresh sheets.... :) Bring on more blogs!!!!
From Blog: Europe update
21st September 2019

LOVE the blog Margie..... you are a little to keep up with at times..... and i guess an "overview" of your trip would have been great to start with.... oh well... next time perhaps. A few of the places you mention i visited 10 years ago - and it was all pretty surreal. Athens is a dirty stinking hole - as you say - no one maintains anything...... All the sites built for the Olympics in 2004 were locked up and abandoned once the Olympics were over. Very distinctive class structure in Athens. Santorini is lovely, the views are killer.... but away from the touristy areas you will again find a dry dusty wasteland with rubbish blowing all over the place. I'm just wondering if i was your missing "sister from another mister" to enable an invite for the Greek pilgrimage next September??? LOL..... :P Loving hearing about your travels, and the dramas on the flight..... too funny.... keep the blogs coming!!!! :)
20th September 2019

Hey those people were there when we went. Loving the blog and the wonderful photos.
20th September 2019

Greek drama
Hi Margaret and Noel. Sounds like those Greek wind gods were being fickle which is a pity because I think Santorini is a really stunning spot. Glad Taormina was more enjoyable. Everyone is OK back here (at least as far as we know). Continue to enjoy. Paul and Kim
18th September 2019

Hi Noel and Margaret Loved reading about your adventures. You need to see me for packing guidance. Peter and I leave with a bag each with under 15 kilos each for up to 6.5 weeks our favourite leaving weight is 12 kilos and we often return with 14-15.5 kilos max. I don’t know how you are managing with those 23 kilo bags you are awesome Noel πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ
From Blog: Europe update
16th September 2019

hi .....Sounds like you guys are having a great time... enjoy enjoy xxx
From Blog: Europe update
15th September 2019

Thank God you didn't block me!!!!
For a moment there I was worried!!! :) So happy you and Noel are having an amazing time (with the requisite glitches of course!!). Please keep posting- I adore your hilarious commentary. We miss you at school. Vanessa XXX
From Blog: Europe update
13th March 2019

wow... looking forward to our trip..I wish..
11th March 2019

Europe Extravaganza
How exciting ... can't wait to compare notes ... can you change my email address to so I can stay in the loop.
11th March 2019

Jealous already XXX
21st July 2018

Hi Margaret. Sorry for not replying sooner. SOO glad to hear you are enjoying the trip so much & they ( the family) are all so willing to show you around.. But then again why would they not be. Noel is missing you heaps.
Loved all the photos. Looking forward to hearing more on your return. Love Jan & Brian. Miss you. XX
15th July 2018

Margaret's adventure
Hi Margaret, just loving your photos and videos. Looks like you are have a wonderful and busy time. How lucky to have such wonderful tour guides. saw Noel on the weekend....he is looking ok.
2nd July 2018

Hi Margaret, Have a wonderful trip & say hello to Hannah from me. Also to Maggie even though I only met her briefly. Looking forward to hearing all about your latest adventure. You should write a book, because you have a
a wonderful way with words. Travel safe. Lots of love Jan A.
8th June 2017

Loving your blogs Margaret and the photos are incredible.
8th June 2017

Thanks Lesley
Hi Lesley and Michael. Thanks for your message. You guys would love this trip too. Glad you are enjoying the blog and pictures. xxx
7th June 2017

Your adventures
Hopefully when you get to TEXAS you'll be able to find good service AND out of this world food. I'll be sure to tell all the squirrels, rabbits and birds to hang around so you can see them. Maybe even a road runner and deer will come into the year as they sometimes do ..... Houston has a really, really good ZOO so ya'll should plan to take that in PLUS you have the skydiving thing to do. I may have one other thing if it comes through - got my fingers crossed. And we have the pool which I've got to get Barney to test to be sure the heater is working so that if the water is too cold you can warm it up so it's soothing.If you like slides and stuff there is a good water park close by and if you like to do some archery and shooting there is a new range about 40 minutes down the road ...... indoors so you won't be perspiring all over the place ..... I'm sure there must be a site where I can look to see what is going on in Houston while you're here - and don't forget in Houston there is a good museum and the exhibits change all the time so perhaps I'll get to that as well. My daughter always knows what is happening as she lives closer to Houston proper than we do. There is also an indoor ice skating rink in the Galleria (which is a huge mall where a lot of wealthy people shop (I think it is 3 stories high) - there is a greek restaurant with awesome food, a belly dancer and singer (at least all of those things were there three weeks ago). Be safe .... looking forward to having you get here.
7th June 2017

On our way to Waller
Oh are too funny. I just read your email about the animals hanging around your house and Noel and I had a good laugh. We will find lots of things to do while we are there but we mostly just want to hang around the pool and chill out so don't go to any trouble trying to organise stuff for us to do. We will be fine just hanging with the doggies. Make sure Barney doesn't make the pool too hot. It will be very warm down there when we arrive so we'd rather have the pool a little cool so it is refreshing and not like a bath. Looking forward to meeting my pen pal in TWO WEEKS!!!! xxx
6th June 2017

Unreal pictures
Dear Marg and Noel The photos look amazing. Glad you are enjoying the drive and seeing such wonderful scenery and wildlife. The Bears look so cute. Thrive safely mary x
30th May 2017

I love your blogs .... and the pictures. Keep'm comin girl. Your looking great .... lot of exercise in the good ole outside huh? And, yes I know exactly what you mean about computers .... Anxious to read the next chapter .... be safe, have fun ..... can't wait to see you. Afraid that after all the fantastic places you've been it'll be rather boring around this place.
28th May 2017

I'm loving your trip! The blog is great and helps me know that there's a big wide world out there to explore! Go Margaret!
29th May 2017

Hi Rosemary
You would love this trip. I'll post photos of where we are now (Jackson Wyoming) in the next few days. It's beautiful. Great time to come over. Idaho and Wyoming are green as Ireland. There is still snow on all the mountains and there are a LOT of mountains. It's just wonderful and we haven't killed each other .....yet.

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