Dead Horse Point State Park, Utah (Canyonlands)

Published: June 20th 2013
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We left pretty late today for Dead Horse Point in Moab, Utah – 9a.m. But not a long drive today. In the RV Park before we left, we saw an RV with a Georgia tag! Imagine.

Entered Mexican Hat, a little town on the way – see the pic. Crossed theSan Juan River, wow, full of water. Highest elevation today is 7100’.

More new topography: Valley of the Gods, Devil’s Canyon – lots of interesting images. Beautiful green covered mountains – we see the La Sal Mountains (12,000ft) and what looks like a wee bit of snow near the top.

4 fenced in areas of llamas right along the highway. Flashing sign ahead – “Deer Migration Area next 5 miles”. And yes, it is, one dead stag by the side of the road. Sad.

Coming into Moab, 89 degrees.

Cross the Colorado River(with water, but way down). Arches NP, Canyon Lands NP,Dead Horse Point SP. Arrive at 1:20. We have a beautiful site and enjoy seeing the little kangaroo rats and chipmunks running around. Lots of lizards too, of course.

Got to the actual Dead Horse Point last night in time to watch the sunset – more awesomeness! See pics.

Day Two Dead Horse Point

Up and at’em. Drive out to Canyon Lands (FYI Canyon Lands and Dead Horse Point are on the same canyon rim where the Green River and Colorado River come together, just a different points) and make the trek to Grand View Point – quite the trek. Let’s just say, I don’t have to do anymore steps today! Lots of rugged walking over rocks and up and down rock steps. At the Point, we’re able to see the Colorado River on the one side and the Green River on the other, at the same time.

Temps are real good at this elevation – 5800’ and a lot of wind. I mean a LOT of wind.

The Legend Of Dead Horse Point
Before the turn of the 19th century, mustang herds ran wild on the mesas near Dead Horse Point. The unique promontory provided a natural corral into which the horses were driven by cowboys. The only escape was through a narrow, 30-yard neck of land controlled by fencing. Mustangs were then roped and broken, with the better ones being kept for personal use or sold to eastern markets. Unwanted culls of "broomtails" were left behind to find their way off the Point.

According to one legend, a band of broomtails was left corralled on the Point. The gate was supposedly left open so the horses could return to the open range. For some unknown reason, the mustangs remained on the Point. There they died of thirst within sight of the Colorado River, 2,000 feet below.

Today, Dead Horse Point provides a beautiful mesa where you can look for miles into Canyonlands National Park or 2,000 feet down to the Colorado River. There are a few short hikes around the edge of the mesa with stunning views into the deep canyons. The Intrepid Trail system provides fun and challenging mountain bike trails around the mesa.

Near the town of Moab, in SE Utah
Approximately 248 miles southeast of Salt Lake City.

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20th June 2013

Unbelievable Scenery!
I'm awe-struck! The expanse of it is breath-taking! I love Marge hiding under a bush in the shade...probably pretty hot out there. But the pic of her standing on that overlook ledge? Gives me the heebie jeebies!
20th June 2013

I have started my day with coffee and the spectacular views of Utah. Thanks so much for the beautiful pictures. Saving your rocking chair at knit wits! Be safe:)
20th June 2013

Best pictures I have ever seen. Truly high definition and the colors are magnificent. I'm paying close attention to your travels with plans of following the same route some day. Enjoying the updates and saving them for future reference. Have fun!

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