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April 30th 2012
Published: April 30th 2012
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almost missed this place because I thought I should drive more today. It’s only about 70 miles from Calf Creek but the scenery couldn’t be different. Huge orange, beige and chocolate sandstone mountains carved into the side of a 9000 feet high range with bits of snow leftover from last weeks blizzard. I did a short, three hour walk this afternoon after I arrived and with a bit of luck I will be able to upload the 360 degree video I made. Unbelievable! I keep on huffing and puffing up the mountains, speculating about what would happen if I don’t make it and then I arrive at the top and I become literally speechless. Not that I’m talking to anyone, it’s really quiet around here this time of year, that’s why I chose April/May to travel to these places, but I become speechless in my head. Very strange.

It is so eerie up there. Not many animals live here but I saw heaps of lizards and the odd bird. Turkey vultures most likely and the occasional falcon, but that’s it. Although I saw a rabbit today (living in Australia, seeing a rabbit isn’t really such a huge event) but I also saw a Yellowbelly Marmot. Very exited about that and today, staying at the Capital Reef NP Campground, there are mule deer munching around the orchards now. This place is called Fruita and was started by Mormon settlers after their wagon trail broke down. I had a look at the trail in the middle of a dry canyon and I’m not surprised that these poor people just gave up and decided to stay here and start farming. There is a year round river sneaking through the canyon and I believe they made a good living here for a while - fertile soil and water. In autumn one can apparently harvest some of the fruit of the trees they left behind. If I were a bit more dedicated and history oriented, I would visit the cemeteries around here and have a look what happened to these people, but I’m not. Besides, I’m tired and hungry and a cold beverage is awaiting me in the cooler (esky – see how americanized I’m already?).

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