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North America » United States » Utah » Capitol Reef July 7th 2021

Capital Reef National Park 2021 6 Capital Reef National Park, UTah 2021-6-25 Capital Reef , Arches National Parks Sang nay toi di den Capital Reef National Park. Tai sao duoc goi la Capital Reef ? Boi vi noi dai co ngon doi da nho co hinh Capital Hill o Washington D.C. va vach da chay dai nhu la Great Barrier Reef o Australia. Khi vao Capital Reef toi thay lien 2 tang da lon nam gan nhau duoc goi la Twin Rock. Tinh co co mot nhom sinh vien cua truong dai hoc o Ohio cung den nguyen cuu dia chat o vung nay. Tai day cung la vung ma nguoi Mormon den vao nhung nam 1880. Ke den la Chimney rock, roi Golden Throne, Egyptian Temple, Capitol Dome vi the ma duoc goi la Capital ... read more

North America » United States » Utah » Capitol Reef May 27th 2019

May 27 We awoke this morning to the sound of rain, we thought. It was actually heavy sleet, pea sized that was accumulating fast. David dashed out with the dogs and I fixed us breakfast so we could get on the road. We knew rain was forecast but we only had 65 miles to go to Torrey. The heavy sleet continued all through breakfast. David had his heavy rain jacket as did I. As I brought in the slides and closed up the trailer I sure hoped the slides weren’t going to put a lot of water in the trailer. It didn’t thankfully due to the slide covers. The dogs were glad to get in the truck as the ground was covered by those pea sized pellets. I spent the next few minutes trying to get ... read more
David getting us unhooked.
David ready to get in and on the road!
Twisty road from Escalante to Boulder

North America » United States » Utah » Capitol Reef November 2nd 2017

Karen popped up bright and early - instead of asking ‘are you awake?, she said, do you want me to get you breakfast in bed?’ Twist my arm ☺️ Karen returned moments later with coffee, bagels, cream 🧀, 🍎 and yogurt from the continental breakfast included with our hotel. After breakfast, I had a little bit of time to catch up with a few former colleagues while Karen mapped 🗺 out our hiking plan for the day. Shower 🚿 time again - wohoo😜We decided to turn the shower 🛁 and me into a dishwashing machine as well as laundry mat. While I was in the shower, Karen started handing me all the dishes. The campgrounds typically only have cold water🚰 for cleaning dishes, so our dishes were in desperate need of a good hot bath. We ... read more
The Dome
Hickman Bridge
Kathy - Hickman Bridge

North America » United States » Utah » Capitol Reef August 25th 2017

We left Moab this morning and drove 160 miles or so to the next national park, Capital Reef. This park is situated along a certain geological feature, a long ridge of uplifted rock. The roads wind through the features of this uplift. We are camping within the national park in an area called Fruita. There was a pioneer Mormon settlement here and some of the buildings and the orchards are preserved. In fact, park visitors can pick the fruit in season, and we picked some peaches. The little store by the campground sells pies made from the fruit, and there is no sense even trying to resist that. We haven't been seeing much wildlife in this desert landscape but we have seen several mule deer here in Fruita. There is a silty stream that runs through ... read more

North America » United States » Utah » Capitol Reef October 14th 2016

Friday October 14 - Today we left Kanab and had to drive a little more than four hours to get to Capitol Reef National Park. This park is much less busy than the others in Utah, which was a nice change. It's near a small community, or part of a small community, called Fruita where they have orchards that you can still pick fruit in. Apples were still on the trees when we were there, and we got a couple to eat towards the end of the day. The orchard was also full of mule deer, and they were eating all the fallen fruit. The first thing we did was hike to Hickman's bridge, our first stone arch of the trip. It was a good hike. On the way back, we looked at the petroglyphs on ... read more

North America » United States » Utah » Capitol Reef November 28th 2015

R: sounds a bit like a children's book... We moved on from Arches to Capitol reef, a smaller national park in between there and Bryce Canyon. Cate wasn't feeling too well so spent much of the drive with her eyes shut - so I am writing this bit as the only witness to the day's activities! It's about 3 hours drive between the two along Highway 12 - an official "all american road" apparently. I never really worked out what this actually means, but it is possibly one of the most scenic drives of my life (up there with the Transfagarasan road in Romania). Capitol Reef had some good vistas and lots of interesting rock formations made of numerous exposed layers. There were some Native American petroglyphs (rock carvings) to be found, and I did a ... read more
Factory Butte
Capitol Reef

North America » United States » Utah » Capitol Reef October 3rd 2015

If you are staying or passing though Torrey eat at Cafe Diablo, we had great food sitting out on the patio under the stars ... Such an enormous portion of pecan breaded chicken ( back in England chicken breasts are never that big ) that we had it for picnic next day. Capitol Reef National Park was another day of surprises with fantastic overlooks along canyons, massive cliffs and white rock domes and then nestling in a canyon the area of Fruita along by the Fremont River , where some enterprising pioneers built a homestead and found they could grow fruit and sustain life in this remote region. You can actually pick fruit yourself it is harvest time .... This is the only historic orchard maintained by the NPS and there are more than 3000 trees, ... read more

North America » United States » Utah » Capitol Reef May 4th 2014

Hiked the Hickman Bridge Trail today. Only 2 miles in total. It is marked moderate due to the mixture of steep and level grades. Although the "Rockfall Hazard" at the beginning of the trail was somewhat disconcerting. Hiked at a blistering, almost, 2-miles-an-hour pace, to the summit and of course the view of Hickman Bridge. This bridge is a 135 foot natural rock bridge courtesy of eons of erosion. A hot sunny day with little shade on the route until the top at the actual bridge. Scenery was quite nice all along the route with the typical Utah rock formations.... read more
Hickman Bridge Trail, Capitol Reef National Park, Utah
Hickman Bridge Trail, Capitol Reef National Park, Utah
Hickman Bridge Trail, Capitol Reef National Park, Utah

North America » United States » Utah » Capitol Reef May 4th 2014

This hike is described as a strenuous climb of 240 feet up one quarter mile switchbacks, then a moderate hike afterwards. A total of 3 and a half miles. The first bit was quite steep and tough. Very hot and dry so I took frequent water and rest breaks. At the top there was an amazing view of the area and indeed you were looking down upon Chimney Rock from an adjacent yet higher plateau. The trail back was quite convoluted, and I was wondering if I would ever link up with the loop. Not being good with directions, it always seemed I was hiking in the wrong direction! And in fact I was as the trail did eventually loop back. Pheeeeeeeeeeeeew! In total, including pictures at the summit, the hike took about 2 and a ... read more
Chimney Rock
Chimney Rock Trailhead
Chimney Rock Trail

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