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North America » United States » Utah » Capitol Reef May 4th 2014

Hiked the Hickman Bridge Trail today. Only 2 miles in total. It is marked moderate due to the mixture of steep and level grades. Although the "Rockfall Hazard" at the beginning of the trail was somewhat disconcerting. Hiked at a blistering, almost, 2-miles-an-hour pace, to the summit and of course the view of Hickman Bridge. This bridge is a 135 foot natural rock bridge courtesy of eons of erosion. A hot sunny day with little shade on the route until the top at the actual bridge. Scenery was quite nice all along the route with the typical Utah rock formations.... read more
Hickman Bridge Trail, Capitol Reef National Park, Utah
Hickman Bridge Trail, Capitol Reef National Park, Utah
Hickman Bridge Trail, Capitol Reef National Park, Utah

North America » United States » Utah » Capitol Reef May 4th 2014

This hike is described as a strenuous climb of 240 feet up one quarter mile switchbacks, then a moderate hike afterwards. A total of 3 and a half miles. The first bit was quite steep and tough. Very hot and dry so I took frequent water and rest breaks. At the top there was an amazing view of the area and indeed you were looking down upon Chimney Rock from an adjacent yet higher plateau. The trail back was quite convoluted, and I was wondering if I would ever link up with the loop. Not being good with directions, it always seemed I was hiking in the wrong direction! And in fact I was as the trail did eventually loop back. Pheeeeeeeeeeeeew! In total, including pictures at the summit, the hike took about 2 and a ... read more
Chimney Rock
Chimney Rock Trailhead
Chimney Rock Trail

North America » United States » Utah » Capitol Reef May 3rd 2014

Did the 10 mile scenic drive at Capital Reef today. Many observation points and of course the unique rock formations of Utah. Some pretty impressive scenery. The route drives through the Fruita area with numerous displays and artifacts to view. If you are in the area stop by the Gifford House. The cinnamon buns are deadly! Needed the energy boost for the upcoming hike.... read more
The rocks of Capital Reef National Park, Utah.
The rocks of Capital Reef National Park, Utah.
The rocks of Capital Reef National Park, Utah.

North America » United States » Utah » Capitol Reef April 21st 2013

We woke to leaden skies and a frosty 25 degree morning. It gave us a chance to break out the cold weather gear that we had pulled out of mothballs back in Florida. We've had the same winter clothing for 20-years now and in that time we've probably worn them all of 6 weeks. I know; Poor us. We headed westward through broad canyons and striated escarpments. Huge mesas appeared, their tops intricately carved by erosion into fantastic shapes. We passed one called 'The Factory' but to my eyes it looked like Monte Cassino before the bombings of 1944 had reduced it to rubble. Once again we were the only people on the highway though we did see one RV that had pulled off onto a gravel park service road in the distance. They had one ... read more
Capitol Reek Park HQ
Family of Ten

North America » United States » Utah » Capitol Reef May 21st 2012

UTAH’S CANYONLANDS--- CAPITOL REEF NATIONAL PARK Monday, May 14 No name, no fee, side of the road on BLM land, camp spot. 75 degrees at 9:45, with clear blue but hazy skies toward the mountains. We drove on into the community of Torrey to look it over and to get some gas. Another pioneer Mormon community, but we did see other churches of other denominations here. After filling the tank, we drove back to the Fruita campground inside Capitol Reef National Park to get a spot to camp. After we had secured a spot, at this very nice campground , we drove back down the park entrance road to look at the various sites. Why is the area interesting? This park preserves the 100 mile buckle of the earth’s crust back over itself called ... read more
512-111 Honeycomb rock
512-112 Capitol Reef road view
512-113 Petroglyphs

North America » United States » Utah » Capitol Reef April 30th 2012

almost missed this place because I thought I should drive more today. It’s only about 70 miles from Calf Creek but the scenery couldn’t be different. Huge orange, beige and chocolate sandstone mountains carved into the side of a 9000 feet high range with bits of snow leftover from last weeks blizzard. I did a short, three hour walk this afternoon after I arrived and with a bit of luck I will be able to upload the 360 degree video I made. Unbelievable! I keep on huffing and puffing up the mountains, speculating about what would happen if I don’t make it and then I arrive at the top and I become literally speechless. Not that I’m talking to anyone, it’s really quiet around here this time of year, that’s why I chose April/May to travel ... read more
Mule Deer

North America » United States » Utah » Capitol Reef October 21st 2011

We escaped the Utah Mountains and the impending snow storm on October 1 and drove to the lower elevation of St. George, UT. The main attraction there is Snow Canyon State Park, named not for the weather but for the person who discovered the area. Lucky him to see those lovely red rock mountains for the first time. We enjoyed hiking over the slick rock and red sand and the three pools and vistas as our rewards. Our campground was called “Templeview” and sure enough we could see the Mormon Temple in the distance. St. George is a lovely town with a temperate climate. We then drove to Capital Reef National Park over the mountain range, where it is open range for sheep and cows. We thought “Yea right, but we’ll never see them.” Big Surprise! ... read more
Terry, Grand Wash Hike
Marie & Nancy, Cohab Canyon
Marie & Richard, Cohab

North America » United States » Utah » Capitol Reef October 16th 2011

Southern Utah has a nearly unbelievable variety of landscapes. The desert canyons and slickrock of Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument are only a small part of it. This state will provide as much scenery as a visitor can handle. Today is a perfect example, heading from deserts to lush mountains and back again. Hells Backbone Road Boulder, Utah was once the most isolated community in the continental United States. Mail was delivered by pack mule until 1940. In the middle 1930s, the Utah state government asked the Civilian Conservation Corps to build a road between Boulder and Escalante. They did, the Hells Backbone Road. Although the road has since been supplemented by route 12, it’s still a thrilling and prett... read more
Aspens along Hells Backbone Road
Death Hollow
Hells Backbone

North America » United States » Utah » Capitol Reef April 6th 2011

Grand Circle Day Five – Capitol Reef I was desperately trying to finish my essay for OU, poor Ursula was desperately trying to get some more sleep whilst I tapped away in the next bed. If we were in a penthouse suite in some five star hotel this would be a considerable distance, as it was I have slept further away from people I have been in the same bed with. I felt guilty, not guilty enough to have finished the essay before we set off, but guilty all the same. We had no internet in the motel, I couldn’t send my essay, but we went off sightseeing anyway. Ursula trying to make me find internet and send it, being eager to see views of rocks and other stuff I insisted later would do. We were ... read more
68 The Scream
70 striped rock
71 Folds of Capitol Reef

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