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January 11th 2013
Published: January 21st 2013
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Alta, you have probably never heard of this place...

Everybody goes to Park City...there they have a St Regis...there is the Sundance Festival...and as the local radio put it, even Bieber is skiing in Park City (Who cares!). We were going to Park City too...till my friend Chip told me...wait a minute, you've got to ski in Alta...and this was later on confirmed by another friend from the States, Ed....both divers...let's follow the advise of my senior friends who know more about the US slopes...than I know for sure!

Alta is just around 40km outside Salt Lake City. So to make it easier, and way cheaper we stay in Salt Lake and drove everyday. The original plan was four days of skiing...but from the first day the weather forecast was pretty clear....on Thursday, the winter storm will be in...meaning a lot of snow.

I don't have chains for the car, and have simply no intnetion to get stuck on the way up...or worst on the way down in the snow. That was a pretty good bet, as we ended up with over 20cm of snow on the Thursday! Why pay for a day where you cannot ski!

Alta is a very "classic" skiing place by way of...they only allow skiers...snowboards are banned from here. Don't ask me if this is good or bad...the only thing I know is that we had the place for ourselves for 3 days. Not a single queue...and great people all around. I cannot tell you how much I owe a big thank to Chip for his advise.

We skied 5 hours a day on average. Tiffany didn't take any classes this she tried her best to follow us. Ok, I was seriously scared that first afternoon when she "left" the track...and ended down right in the trees....good damages. But she was ready for a good hot chocolate to recover...and Leslie and I went on our own for few blacks. This place would do with few protection nets around...but I guess this is their "classic" side too!

I have to admit, this is done, as of today I think Leslie is a better skier than me, I knew this would happen one day! Here, they have off-tracks...not for us...blacks, blues and no reds as in Europe. So we went all the blues, plus few blacks...and Tiffany even gave it a try...once!

These were three amazing days...where we were all happy to go to bed pretty early each night....good fresh air...amazing ski....and even great blue skies on two days out of three! Just one advise, put Alta on you list. The snow is amazing, you ski between 2600 meters and 3200 meters....dry powedery snow...nobody on the can it get better...oh, yes, those pins trees everywhere are beautiful...and a little scary for me looking at Tiffany trying to "escape" few slopes!

The last morning we went to visit Salt Lake City...with blue sky, just before the snow storm. As you may be aware, this is the headquarter of the Mormons. Ok, I may not be a huge fan, but if you don't know, how can you understand other people believes! So we went for a small 30 minutes tour of the know, "the mecca" (interesting choice of word) if you ever want to find out who your ancestors are! Interesting visit, very nice people!

By 2.30pm the snow was there...we returned the car at the airport...and enjoyed a great cooked dinner of scallops in our little suite...with kitchen. Next was a 3.45am wake up call for two a way warmer climat!

Next entry coming soon...and as you may guess....few more after...

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22nd January 2013

Who cares?
"even Bieber is skiing in Park City (Who cares!)." Ha - love it! Now, the fact they don't allow snowboarders - that I do care about........ very envious of those wide open runs! :-)
22nd January 2013

Like father, like son, and daughter too!
Move over, Leslie's about to outrun, outperform from hereon. But of course, you get credits for that. So , congratulations my friend. Those 2 have your DNA after all ;-)

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