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November 27th 2010
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Thanskgiving and Camping probably don't go together in most people's mind. However, if you tried booking a camp site over the holiday you would realize alot of people do put it together. It makes sense that the most important thing about "Thanksgiving" is usually "Family", so as long as the family is together having fun anyway is a good way to celebrate the day.

Garner State Park is 2 hours from San Antonio. Its a simple drive and you go through a few small downs that still have very old buildings that look like a Old West movie set. We loaded up a rented trailor and set out after school and work was done. We made it there with enough light to get the tent up and start a fire. As I took in the view around the campgrounds I realized camping has its own little community made up of families from all over the place. Diffrent styled tents, RV's and some people just loaded up a smal U-haul and set up on the grounds. Strings of lights were everywhere! X-mas tree lights, laterns as a way to light up your area without a big blaring lightbulb. We even bought some from the small store on the grounds to join in the club. Everyone was super friendly as well, and pet friendly. We had toilets and Hot showers at our site. Even though I like nature I'm not willing to give up those two luxuries if I don't have too.

The state park was gorgeous! I never seen so many stars out other than in Arizona. We couldn't pick out the usual constalations because there were so many in the sky. In the morning we wondered around some trails and the kids picked up rocks for their collection. Then we went fishing at the Frio River. The trees were so pretty and the roots on them were just magnifecent! You could look into the water and see the root system and watch the fish dodge in and out of them. Occansionally a Kayak would paddle through and the fish would dodge away but it was very serene to be there overall. After fishing for a bit Angelina and I wanted to explore the Frio river a bit more. We rolled up our pants, left our socks and shoes on the rock then went splashing in the shallow part by the dam. We giggled in delight as we kept trying not to slip from the waters current rushing softly down stream. When the boys came to get us to go back to the RV, we made a big fuss about returning as a family group after lunch to explore some more.

After lunch we returned to the Frio river with the dogs and we all explored the area. the kids got a kick out of the big trees and exploring inside the hollows of them as well. Later that night we had chili and apple pie, played games and gave thanx for our family and time with nature. It wasn't a big feast but it was a great time together as a family! ( Look up the park website to get the number to reserve your spot. They are very nice and its easy.)

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