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June 14th 2007
Published: June 14th 2007EDIT THIS ENTRY

Blogger: Katie

Location: Paris, Texas.

Howdy everyone! Well, we're in Texas as DJ told you. We just pulled off at a rest stop about 15 miles ago or so to switch out. I could only bang out about 100miles. Thankfully we're almost there.

It is weird though to think that we are almost at our destination. It's been a really neat experience to drive across the country out here to Texas. It's too bad that DJ wasn't feeling well. But thank you all for your comments and well wishes. I'm sure that we will continue to update for the next couple of days as DJ gets settled in. Also weird.

According to the map at the rest stop of Texas, there are different major regions of Texas, I believe it was 5, and they are all drastically different in landscape. I'd love to spend some more time down here travelling.

There's a side access road next to the highway and on it is a fire engine with its lights and alarm flashing. It's going just about as fast as we are.

It feels like the rest of summer is catching up with me. I have to start work on Monday and I haven't done the reading I need to do, but I'm hoping to do some tonight as I bet DJ will go to bed early.

It's now overcast, but we can still see the sun. We'll update again later!

Miles to Lewisville: 85.5 holy crap.
Miles travelled: 1735. yup.


15th June 2007

Where's your house?
I looked up your new address on Google Earth, and it puts the pointer in the middle of a big road T-intersection. There is a big field (that's at the top of the T part) and a few complexes (with pools). You'll have to find a satellite pic of your building so we can be sure you're living in an acceptable place. :-) It's all out of love.
15th June 2007

Paris Texas
Our oldest daughter, Jessica, is in college in Paris, Texas! Outside town the have a mini Eifel Tower with a Stetson.

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