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February 7th 2011
Published: February 7th 2011
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This blog will be mostly pictures.

We have been staying at Palmetto State Park located between Luling and Gonzales, Texas, since Jan. 28th. Did you hear about the Arctic blast that came through Texas - we were right in its path! We had 4 nights of 18 degree temps. We ran 2 heaters to stay warm and in the morning had to run a heater under the camper to thaw frozen pipes.

The weather aside, this is an interesting place to spend a couple weeks. The park has a great little campground, hiking/biking trails and a rich history. We visited both Luling and Gonzales several times. Luling was founded in 1874, but really boomed when oil was discovered in 1922, that opened up a 12 mile long 2 mile wide oil field. The smell of oil hits you as soon as you get close to Luling. To many it is the smell of money in the bank, but much of Luling looks like so many small old towns that are barely holding on. City Market BBQ, in the center of town, is a very well known restaurant . This a very no frills place with great BBQ - Texas style; they use a dry rub instead of sauce. There are no waitresses in this place- you order right in the cook house, no dishes - big pieces of butcher paper serve that purpose.

Gonzales is the other little town near the park and it is quite historical. They call it the Lexington of Texas because it is the site of the first skirmish of the Texan Revolution in 1835. There are many beautiful old homes and mansions that were built by the cattle barons and cotton kings. But like Luling, there are now many empty shops and the whole place looks a bit depressing in winter. Taking the driving tour and walking tour is fun - especially the old jail.

We pick up our new 5th wheel on Thursday the 10th!!!!!

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Feb. 3Feb. 3
Feb. 3

No snakes in their right minds would be out in this stuff
Palmetto RefectoryPalmetto Refectory
Palmetto Refectory

Built in the 1930's by the CCC. -It was the dining hall in the 30's and it is a picnic area now.

The park is on the banks of the San Marcos River. The color is beautiful, almost teal.
Luling, Texas water towerLuling, Texas water tower
Luling, Texas water tower

There is a Watermelon Thumping Festival here in the summer
oil derrickoil derrick
oil derrick

Luling is known for its decorated oil derricks.
Luling pastureLuling pasture
Luling pasture

Pure Americana
City MarketCity Market
City Market

The BEST BBQ in Texas

Placing an order in the smoke house
Texas style BBQTexas style BBQ
Texas style BBQ

Dry sausage, brisket, ribs,slab of onion,slices of white bread and a pickle
Eggleston HouseEggleston House
Eggleston House

The first permanent residence built in Gonzales in 1848.There are basically 2 rooms with an open area between them called a dog trot. One room was used for cooking the other for sleeping. When guest stayed over, one room was for the men, the other for the women.
Gonzales Court HouseGonzales Court House
Gonzales Court House

Built in 1896
J.D. Houston House - GonzalesJ.D. Houston House - Gonzales
J.D. Houston House - Gonzales

Built in 1898 by a cattle baron.

We were the only ones in the whole place ....
Andrew PotonAndrew Poton
Andrew Poton

He was part of the famous 'Come and Take it' incident that was the opening event for the Alamo. The Mexican government wanted the Cannon from Gonzales - They responded, come and try to take it!

There are many empty storefronts.

8th February 2011
Eggleston House

Dog Run?
I think it's called a Dog Trot, not a dog run!
8th February 2011

thanks janis
i have tried to edit.
8th February 2011
Welcome to my new home.

you are in there because you are a woman and not a lunatic right? or is it because you are both?
8th February 2011

who's the lunatic?
Wondering how you decided who would take the bath and who would be in the looney cell? Either way, some cool sites!
8th February 2011
Texas style BBQ

Was it good?
10th February 2011

I sure like the bathtub guy. Lee was laughing when he hung up from talking to Ron about campers and that it was sooo cold. You will really love your new camper tomorrow. Wait until Mom sees these pictures tomorrow. Hang the bathtub one up in the camper. It sure is great camping living in a 5th wheel. It's just a cottage on wheels. Let us know the dates you are in Arizona. We are leaving here March 24th. If you are there, we can get together. Have fun. Love Ya - Car

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