One Week Until I leave for China!

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September 6th 2012
Published: September 6th 2012EDIT THIS ENTRY

One week until I leave!!! Awwwww…..I originally thought I would be leaving on September 13th but apparently they want me to arrive on that day.

I must admit I have been a nut case this past week. I am a planner. I love my passporter and I LOVE to have everything ready to go AHEAD of time. Apparently China and Corporate Disney do not feel the same way.

The process to get to China is a long and drawn out one. Step 1 turn in lots and lots of documents. Step two is waiting for the Employment and Welcome letters. Step 3 Get my Visa. Step 4 Go to China. Sounds easy right?!? Well the step one was easy enough….the step two almost sent me to the looney bin. China didn’t even type up my letters until August 28th. Then they mailed them overseas and they don’t celebrate Labor Day so that through us off a day. Due to the holiday DHL was backed up. I called them to track my package and found out because I am a residence they will deliver mine after all the businesses received their packages. Once I received my package I needed to fill out the remaining documents to receive my Visa (I could not fill them out until I received the employment number and the website does not allow you to save the document). I finally received the documents after 6!!! I then had to quickly type, print and rush my documents into Fort Worth, which is usually about an hour away. The last Fed-ex pick up was 7pm!!! My angels surrounded my car and helped me fly! And I did! We made it 10 minutes before the store closed and off my documents went!

I received an email today and my Rush Visa, which cost $190 over the regular visa price because of the rush, should arrive tomorrow before 10:30! I also received my flight itinerary. I leave at 5:56 in the morning on Sept 12th!

Time is flying. The family who was suppose to lease the house could not come up with the deposit and refused to do the background check so please send pixie dust and pray for the house to be leased. We did sell one of our cars for a good price! This allowed us to purchase DH and sons airline tickets! They will be leaving Texas and joinging me in Wuhan on October 2.

Whew it’s been a week! I have no doubt this next week will be just as crazy! Poor DH, he remains calm while I have my meltdowns.

On a good note I did get my hair cut and dyed in preparation for the trip. Cast members must have shoulder length hair....hehe...I will very soon be a cast memeber...and I had cute Mickey’s painted on my toe nails!!! More to come soon!


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