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January 31st 2009
Published: January 31st 2009
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Serious Harry with BatmobileSerious Harry with BatmobileSerious Harry with Batmobile

Patricia and Nancy in the background
Harry had bought a new car late 2007 and he and Patricia came to Nancy’s
house, where I was visiting, to let us see it! It’s a Batmobile!

Patricia wasn’t allowed to drive it at first, but now it’s hers full time
as he drives his huge Dewalt colored truck.

George was the next to buy a sports car and bought it on a day he was
flying back to Equatorial Guinea!!

The dealership was nice enough to store it until he returned. He’s back
in the US now and driving it here, there and yonder.

I had told y’all about the car in a blog but hadn’t taken pictures that
night. These pictures come from George himself.

I bought a cute little used Firebird. So far have driven it only a little.
The reason I bought it was to save on gasoline. Now go figure.

No pic here because I've already shown it to y'all.

Lastly for this posting, one of our contractor managers next door got
a great surprise present for his birthday last week. A 1955 classic BelAir!
He was speechless, well, only for a moment!

Wife, Diane, was thrilled
Nancy in the BatmobileNancy in the BatmobileNancy in the Batmobile

Waiting for a fast ride!
that it had been a complete surprise to her hubby!

The pictures of Carl's 'new' car were taken with my inexpensive Cricket
Samsung camera phone and I didn’t realize there were so many setting
options until that day!

The black and white option makes it look like a real ’55 photo and the
slightly tinted ones remind me of the studio photos in the late ‘60s early
‘70s where they’d ‘tint’ color into the shot.

Not your eye color? Well, it is now. Wish I had those eyelashes they’d
painted in one of me.

Thank you, Mother, for splurging on pictures back then.

More pictures of other things to come in the days ahead.

Turn me off if y'all need to.

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Pic 2

Bought with love
Pic 3Pic 3
Pic 3

Photographer didn't mean to 'shine' in the finish
Pic 4Pic 4
Pic 4

Just too COOL!

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