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November 19th 2008
Published: December 15th 2008
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Good FriendsGood FriendsGood Friends

At the round table
I finally had my postponed-because-of-a-hurricane-again birthday and we had a great time! Those of you that told me you'd be there and didn't just missed out on fun.

I've finally taken and developed the rest of the film on the cameras that were used at the party so I'll share (some) of those photos.

As for my also-postponed-birthday-present-to-myself, I heard from the skydiving folks and they are currently relocated in Kountze rather than Beaumont. I've got to think about all those big thicket areas before I agree to that. We'll look at our calendars, the weather temperatures and other options in January after all the holiday hooplas then decide. Y'all think about whether you want to witness my fantastic (I know it will be) jump by traveling to Kountze. Wonder if I'll be allowed to jump in a fur coat?

Friend Brenda, who really thinks I'm crazy to do this jump, gave me a super b'day gift for the occasion.

I'll have pictures and video of the jump whenever that takes place.

George is back from Africa! Actually he was in Equatorial Guinea and there for a little more than a year. George came to visit in Beaumont and saw and spoke to friends. He and I had a little jaunt in his new little fancy car. What fun! It was cold (to me) outdoors, but he had the top down and the little beauty of a car has seat and neck warmers (that would project on anyone else's neck but hit short me perfectly in the top of my head).

At another time when I can open, which I can't now, the ones he sent I'll attach pictures that he had sent when he bought the car but that night I didn't have a disposable (hello, Mitch) or cell camera with me.

Now George has not been just sitting around. He called this afternoon, Sunday, Dec 14th, to give me the lastest update on his last week of vacation in Costa Rica! Horsebacking in the rain forest, white water rafting, lagoon / waterfall swimming, etc. He has pictures he needs to send me! The things I post for him has gotten a lot more viewing traffic than any of my 'stuff'.

Our friend David King has recently left for the city of Singapore for an assignment. Not his first trip there and he's having fun. And he needs to send us pics too. So, David?

I have been to two weddings within the last month and then the holiday parties have started. I love dressing up and seeing all my friends and meeting new friends! Been to a couple so far and have more to go.

Work is winding down, despite setbacks from our stormy hurricane season and disasters. I'll be looking for a new project soon.

And we had snow here in coastal southeast Texas! What a hoot! Colder than all get out and wind from all directions, but snow? Here? Yep, we did.

Bridge closures had me boxed in, so we conference called the meeting we had that morning. Beforehand, in the not quite daylight, I tried to take some decent pictures of the white stuff. The pictures didn't really come out decent but they'll give you a glimpse of my part of the woods in Orange county.

So I will hush now and let you see all the pictures.

Happy This Moment to All and a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Additional photos below
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Gabriel thinks we three are dangerous!Gabriel thinks we three are dangerous!
Gabriel thinks we three are dangerous!

ssssh.... we could be......
My mum in law, BeverlyMy mum in law, Beverly
My mum in law, Beverly

At Josh Turner's wedding
Driveway walking past the motor homeDriveway walking past the motor home
Driveway walking past the motor home

then the Firebird then the truck-that's some snow for here!
It snowed!It snowed!
It snowed!

Driveway from the street end up
This is in the bed of my truckThis is in the bed of my truck
This is in the bed of my truck

Usually I haul plants, dirt, lumber, you know - girl stuff

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