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April 17th 2016
Published: April 18th 2016
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Day 1 - Heading out of Texas

Stopped at Parents House in Amarillo

It's been a long but really nice day, except for an interlude when I was leaving Dallas/Fort Worth and discovered the Bluetooth in the Blue Bomber (henceforth known as BB my fake SUV) quit working! Now this is a tragedy, one worthy of many choice words from an old salt's naval vocabulary. BB's Bluetooth ties my iPhone and iPad to my car. No speaker phone, no streaming music, and no speaker phone (yes I said it twice). I hadn't realized I had gotten so attached to the Bluetooth in my car. Now that I have had to live like much of the unwashed masses I can tell you it ain't safe to use your cell phone while you are driving. Yes Yes I know most have figured that out by now but it still came as a rude shock to me. However there is a silver living in that it was nice to finally use Siri to read texts out loud, to send texts and to dial calls; which everyone else on the road probably appreciated.

As I said, it has been a nice day and a good start. Kim and the kids took me to the Old Pancake House for breakfast and then sent me off with wishes for a good trip and words of encouragement such as "don't get eaten", "remember "The Grey", "please lose no more than one arm" and other highly motivational sayings. Thanks guys, I love you too. The twins got in the act and sent me well wishes as well, so all around, it was a great start... for about 30 seconds until I discovered the Bluetooth issue.

It poured much of the way to Amarillo and it was chilly and believe me, I'm thinking to myself that there is no FREAKING WAY that I want to setup a tent in a cold raining downpour. Luckily for me my parents house was the first stop on my journey. It is obvious that I am going to have to man up as I go further north as I think there is some Canadian law agains wimps.

Mom and Dad's house was already bustling with my parents, brothers, spouse, children, grandchildren and a couple dogs when I arrived. We had a great dinner and talked till midnight and they wished me well as they left for the evening. All kidding aside, the support and encouragement from everyone everywhere has been great. I am blessed with a great family both here and afar. Thanks guys!

Tomorrow is day # 2 and the plan at this point is to head up towards Raton, NM and hug the northern boarder of New Mexico towards the four corners area. Aside from that, I'm not exactly sure where I will end up for the night. Stay tuned.

Pssssttt... Sophie. What did you put in my car? I haven't found anything yet and now you've got me intrigued. Should I be worried? Sophie?


18th April 2016

You'll find it eventually ;)
18th April 2016

The Great Adventure
We enjoyed your presence at our humble abode. The visit was simply too short. May your adventurous odyssey be one full of wondrous discoveries. I understand the Northern Lights make the penguins aggressive and intolerant of humans, please by careful! We sincerely hope you have a great time and don't forget we love you.
19th April 2016

Thanks dad.... :)
19th April 2016

I hope it's not a dead fish!

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