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April 16th 2016
Published: April 17th 2016
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I’m not used to this blogging thing. I find myself trying to treat this document as a business document with all the proper structure, sentence construction and grammar. Plus I spent way too much time on the first blog trying to make it perfect (at least from my perspective). I can’t see me doing that on the entire trip as I will get nothing done. From what I can tell from reading a few blogs over the last several days; it's almost a stream of consciousness coupled with any type of visceral reaction and or opinions to whatever person, place or thing that happens to be in their cross-hairs. So for you grammarians out there, have a drink on me and sit back and try to enjoy all the ways you can tell me how I suck. 😊

OK, now on to the blog. I’m starting to freak out with all the things I still need to do. Of course, a family friend reminded me that I could always leave a day later. Wasn't that the entire point of the trip; to have no plan? She gave good advice and now I'm trying to chill out and roll with whatever may happen.

There are a ton of things that is going into this trip. From making sure my car is ready to go, readying my rifle & shotgun (as well as the Canadian paperwork), ensuring my telescope & astro camera are in working order, checking the tent & sleeping bags, buying food, and completing a whole host of other numerous activities or equipment acquisitions. I’m sure I’ll miss something vital. I just hope I don’t discover it in a blizzard as I try to set up camp. I’m working off a couple modified lists from various sources and my own experience so I’m hoping I don't find out the hard way.

Another milestone is that I’m using my IPad in a case with integrated keyboard to write this blog for the very first time. I got say this setup is not half bad and I can see me writing without too much trouble. The case is a Zagg Rugged Book for Air 2. I also put Ballistic Glass over the screen. I hope it holds up. I have a similar configuration for my iPhone. Part of the point of my trip is to see how far I have to go to be totally off the grid. My phone and table are the litmus test.

That test segues nicely into the entire point of the trip. And that is… well, I'm not exactly sure. I figure this is kind of like a walk-about, vision quest, ultimate road trip and pilgrimage. I guess I'm hoping that with the solitude and lack of distractions that I can have an epiphany or at least divine some clarity of purpose. And that‘s another point of the trip; a purposeful lack of structure. I literally want to go where the spirt takes me. Heck, if I come across a Native Spirit Ceremony then I’ll participate (I’ve researched this so I am not completely clueless) along with any pharmaceuticals. I hope the kids didn't read that. 😊

First stop tomorrow: visit my parents in Amarillo. My bros are also coming over to see me off which should be fun.


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