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October 2nd 2009
Published: October 3rd 2009
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Marsh CreekMarsh CreekMarsh Creek

We left on Tuesday morning and stopped for the night at Marsh Creek, an anchorage we'd always wanted to try. It was a beautiful spot, quiet and off the river. There was a dredge working near the mouth of the creek, but they quit around 4:30 and we enjoyed the peacefulness and the solitude. The next morning we were greeted with fog, which cleared out by mid morning. We were surprised when we got back on the river that the fog had not cleared there yet. It didn't take long until it burned away except for a few wisps of low fog and some interesting-looking fog tubes that swirled up and then dissipated.

After all the heavy rains down south, both Pickwick Dam and Kentucky Dam are spilling until further notice. This means we had a strong current in Kentucky Lake and higher water than normal. We anchored the second night at Wolf Island, just past Savannah, behind a small island that split the strong currents around us. We got good hold with our anchor and were secure for the night, again waking to fog. Approaching Pickwick Dam our speed slowed to 4 mph against the current (as opposed to our normal haul-ass speed of 8 mph.) The water level at the dam on the Kentucky Lake side was 9 feet above normal pool. The Pickwick Lake side was 2 feet below normal pool, making the lift in the lock 44' instead of the normal 55'.

Once in Pickwick Lake, we made our way to one of our favorite anchorages at Whetstone Branch, where we swam with the Ivory and felt much refreshed for it. The water was 75 degrees, which as Kerry put it, is just a bit cooler than refreshing. It rained that night for about an hour, then cleared off giving us another beautiful, sparkling day. We headed for Ross Branch, another favorite, but detoured into Indian Creek by JP Coleman SP and then into Bear Creek to get some extra running time and charge the batteries.

The moon was nearly full last night and the fog moved in early, but was gone by 9 this morning and we headed for Florence. We passed the Pickwick Belle and watched a crop duster plane working near the river. We're staying tonight at Florence Harbor Marina in Florence, AL. We'll enjoy hot showers, do some laundry and
Pickwick DamPickwick DamPickwick Dam

spilling until further notice
maybe eat at the restaurant here. They're supposed to have a live band tonight, so we probably won't get to sleep early. I'm surprised and pleased to find wifi here at the marina.

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Whetstone BranchWhetstone Branch
Whetstone Branch

wonderful spot
Pickwick BellePickwick Belle
Pickwick Belle

heading downriver
Ross BranchRoss Branch
Ross Branch

Florence HarborFlorence Harbor
Florence Harbor

kitty in the storm drain

3rd October 2009

Don't you guys ever stay home? Loved the pictures and script. How far are you going this time? We're having a memorial for Pop Friday next week, the 9th. On the 14th we're heading for Germany for two weeks---when we get back to NC, we'll stay here until I have my eye appointment the 28th and then head for Florida. You all keep on keepin' on---love ya---gena
3rd October 2009

I don't think your handle suits you !!! You guys are a LONG WAYS from being off your rockers !!!! What you are doing and the way you travel is ABSOLUTELY the RIGHT way to do it! I'm envying (SP?) your trip. I must admit, however, that 4 mph is probably too fast for trolling!
3rd October 2009

looks wonderful, enjoy for me too! love you
3rd October 2009

we've been there too!
These stir up our memories from last year! We had a change of plans and will not be heading east this year. But we intend to see you sometime and somewhere. We will be going on a road trip to the national parks in Oregon and California in the next couple of weeks. Please keep those photos and notes coming.
4th October 2009

You have enough comments for today, so I'll wait for the next segment! ENJOY!!!!!
5th October 2009

wish we were there
Ah it was wonderful to read about your river adventures. It looks like we will NOT be coming east this fall after all and I am sad to miss spending time with you two. I'll write more details in an email, but please know we're thinking of you and will just have to see your pictures and read your blog to get our "river fix". Happy Boating!

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