Cade’s Cove Campground

Published: October 22nd 2020
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Cousin CrewCousin CrewCousin Crew

Big hugs around!
We thought it would be great to get to sleep in a room without kids, but Rosie came into Tory’s bed from 3-4am. At least we slept in a little bit before we drove out to Cade’s Cove to meet up with Mike, Jenn, Gray, Ellie, Nathan, and Kirby and Donna. We were greeted by Ellie and Nathan on Bike’s and Grayson on his 4-wheeled “Berg.” Today was a big active day for the kids to be outside and play together non-stop to the point where you wonder if they will every be worn out!

We first went over to climb on some rocks and the kids found a stage where Ellie and Rosie could breakout their best Frozen singing rendition of “Let it go.” Gray and Vivian found a house to play some hide and seek in and everyone was entertained. After this, we went back for a tasty lunch provided by Paw and May (Kirby and Donna) and then wanted to go explore by the creek. The kids jumped across some of the rocks and enjoyed the great outdoors that Cade’s Cove gave us! Steve tried to have Vivian nap in the camper, but she was having too much fun as were all the kids. There were lots of games to play: soccer, football, Velcro catch, and Paw and Maw setup some hammocks to lay and mostly play on.

We all went to explore the campground with Vivi in the stroller, Nathan and Ellie on bikes, Gray on his Berg, and Rosie walking. Nathan took a break to walk with Vivi and Tory even got to help Rosie ride the bike without training wheels! (It’s amazing what Rosie does when Ellie is doing it first) We stopped for some very cute pictures of all the kids in a few places, climbed some trees, and had some very fun races that even included Rosie running vs Gray on his “Berg."

Back to the campground we had a tasty bean and rice dinner from Maw and Paw and then started a campfire. In the meantime, the kids went wild again riding bikes and the Berg and Rosie and Vivian had a blast on the hammocks. Tory kept Ellie, Rosie, and Vivian entertained on the hammocks and Rosie was tough despite falling out a few times. The kids cooked s’mores and Nathan and Rosie had fund watching the fire start and “help” by throwing in leaves. Steve, Tory, Vivi, and Rosie left back to the house in Townsend for the night to get cleaned up and went to bed. Nathan again was very excited to sleep in the camper and probably equally that he didn’t’ have to shower for the day, such is camping life.

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On stageOn stage
On stage

Rosie and Ellie sand "Let it go"

Won't let go of daddy's leg

The kids explored and jumped across rocks
Cousin CrewCousin Crew
Cousin Crew

Vivian showing how many fingers she has
Tongue smilesTongue smiles
Tongue smiles

Little Vivi's tiny tongue

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