2012 Yellowstone Trip - Day 10

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October 10th 2012
Published: October 10th 2012
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Devil's Tower 721Devil's Tower 721Devil's Tower 721

Information on Devil's Tower
Day 10 – Monday August 27th, 2012.

We had breakfast at the Best Western. I was expecting it to be a continental breakfast but it was a hot breakfast. It was really good. They had a large selection on their buffet. We left Sheridan heading toward South Dakota.

When we were in Moorcroft Wyoming, we saw a sign for the West Texas Trail Museum. Mama wanted to stop so we went into town and found it. It was interesting however it was not about the West Texas Cattle Trail it was about the history of the town of Moorcroft. It was free but they do accept donations.

When we were in Moorcroft, we decided to take a detour and head to Devil’s tower since we had never been there. The temperature was 109 F so we didn’t stay to long. They had hiking trails to get up close to Devil’s Tower but we didn’t do them because of the heat. We just saw Devil’s tower and visited the visitor center. Driving in and out of the park we pasted a large Prairie Dog Town. I had never seen prairie dog that close. They reminded me of large squirrels.
Devil's Tower 723Devil's Tower 723Devil's Tower 723

Devil's Tower from a distance.

After crossing into South Dakota, we headed to Keystone South Dakota and checked into our hotel. There were still several hours of daylight left, so we went to Crazy Horse memorial. I was impressed with the work they had done. It is starting to look like the model. We checked out the visitor center then stayed around to see the Indian dancers and the laser light shown on Crazy Horse after dark. I wasn’t that impressed with the light show. After the show we went back to the hotel in Keystone.

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Devil's Tower Park 725Devil's Tower Park 725
Devil's Tower Park 725

Inside Devil's Tower Park
Devil's Tower 727Devil's Tower 727
Devil's Tower 727

Inside Devil's Tower Park
Devil's Tower Park 730Devil's Tower Park 730
Devil's Tower Park 730

Prairie dogs inside Devil's Tower Park
Devil's Tower Park 733Devil's Tower Park 733
Devil's Tower Park 733

Prairie dog insided Devil's Tower Park
Devil's Tower Park 164Devil's Tower Park 164
Devil's Tower Park 164

Prairie dog inside Devil's Tower Park
Crazy Horse Memorial 168Crazy Horse Memorial 168
Crazy Horse Memorial 168

Crazy Horse from a distance.
 Crazy Horse Memorial 734 Crazy Horse Memorial 734
Crazy Horse Memorial 734

Inside Crazy Horse Memorial park.
Crazy Horse Memorial 737Crazy Horse Memorial 737
Crazy Horse Memorial 737

Inside Crazy Horse Memorial Park
Crazy Horse Memorial 739Crazy Horse Memorial 739
Crazy Horse Memorial 739

Model of how the Crazy Horse memorial will look once it is completed. They are building this with their own funds. No governent money has been accepted.
Crazy Horse Memorai 740Crazy Horse Memorai 740
Crazy Horse Memorai 740

Post Office inside the park.
Crazy Horse Memorial Park 746Crazy Horse Memorial Park 746
Crazy Horse Memorial Park 746

Indian dance performance.
Crazy Horse Memorial Park 749Crazy Horse Memorial Park 749
Crazy Horse Memorial Park 749

Indian dance performance.
Crazy Horse Memorial Park 754Crazy Horse Memorial Park 754
Crazy Horse Memorial Park 754

Indian dance performance.
Crazy Horse Memorial Park 757Crazy Horse Memorial Park 757
Crazy Horse Memorial Park 757

They had everyone who wanted to come up and do an Indian friendship dance.
Crazy Horse Memorial Park 762Crazy Horse Memorial Park 762
Crazy Horse Memorial Park 762

Talking with one of the dancers.
Crazy Horse Memorial 771Crazy Horse Memorial 771
Crazy Horse Memorial 771

Part of the laser show.

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