Travels with Snowbirds 2020, January 3, Wilmington to Yemassee

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January 3rd 2020
Published: January 4th 2020
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The one about the First Day on the Road.

I spent two weeks in NJ over Christmas, enjoying those NJ grandkids, and made it home to NC 12/28. It took me the better part of 2 days to clean up from that trip, then put away Christmas decoration, all before I could think about packing for my 2020 Snowbird trip. I had lot of help and offers of help; Tim and Ben helped me one day load all the groceries and clothes, then Lilly helped me Thursday with the refrigerated things.

I did not sleep well Thursday night, the night before departure. I woke up at 4 and went to sit in front of the TV. I had put my internet and cable TV on vacation break for 2 months, and I was told it would stop working sometime overnight. That indeed did happen, but it still seemed to me I had a few stations, so I set some things record that I will not be able to see on the road….Vikings, Sister Wives, Nature. I fell back to sleep at some point, and Tim texted me at 7:50 that he was on his way over to help with the one last chore…..change the batteries in the smoke detectors. I was groggy. I was a frantic zombie, as I wanted to LEAVE at 8, not get up at 8. But, hey, I’m retired; I have no place to be and no time to be there.

I made it on the road at 9:10 after shower, and so far I haven’t remembered a thing that I forgot.

Well, I did forget to go out and buy gas yesterday. Yup, old age. Some days are awful. When I realized it, I was in the middle of nowhere, between Wilmington and I95;100+ miles of nothing. I had less than a 100 mile range. I found a station and got $100 worth of expensive gas, all the pump would give me. I checked all my gauges, cabinet doors, etc, and all were good, except the propane (idiot) gauge. It showed in the red almost empty. WTF? Now that I had filled on Tuesday! I didn’t smell propane. I hadn’t used any to speak of, but the refrigerator was running on it since I left home. What to do, what to do. I checked the Pilot/Flying J app for the nearest unit with propane and headed there. I finished filling up, another $86, and pulled to the propane station. I turned the refrigerator off and checked the gauge again and it read full. I pulled away from the pump and fooled around with the refrig and the gauge continues to read full. Sigh. On my way again and landed at The Oaks at Point South, Yemassee, SC about 4:00. This is on my camping membership club, and it doesn’t cost me anything. The old lady who worked here for years is gone, and a younger lady was at the desk. The only thing ever wrong with this place is it is so muddy after rain and today was no different. The good news is……no dog to walk………so, I plugged in, hooked up water, put my step down, and turned on the TV and have been doing that ever since. No need to level, as my bubble levels read spot on level! That’s the first time ever and makes up for the puddles. This is a busy campground, right off I95, and a convenient spot for north/south travelers. It’s been very busy with check ins. Dinner was a heated Sunday Pot Roast and Vegetables prepared item from Harris Teeter. I am attempting to stick to a kind of keto/aktins/south beach regime. I was down 6 pounds this morning in 3 weeks. Had a very fluffy weight that I maintained for many years. I gained 10 pounds since my surgery in January, and I am 1 pound from breaking that barrier. I will be happy. Low carb is the only way to go for me, but I sure do miss the crunch and celery just doesn’t do it

A quick recap if anyone does not know, Winston crossed the rainbow bridge in September. Old age, bad teeth, arthritis, and I suspect a stroke or 2. It has been lonely without him, and will be on this trip, but in an odd kind of way, it was pleasant not having to take him out thru the mud then get him cleaned off before going inside. And my windshield has no snot marks. That’s a first. As I pass thru my favorite places, I will see him in the shadows, and miss him, but sometimes not so much……

I will write when I can, when something great happens. New places this year so lots of new thigs to see and write about. I am looking forward to sharing.

Kat Out.


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