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Looking to travel to Charleston, SC, but not quite sure that you can afford it. Keep in mind, getting there is the biggest cost. Once you arrive, you can see a couple of old forts and the Battery for free. The architecture in the city dates back to the 1700's. Check out Charleston, SC Budget Travel for a number of tips on budget travel to the city of Charleston, South Carolina. There are a number of festivals in the city, pick one that is based on something that you love, and plan your vacation around it. You will find tons of free entertainment. Look at this budget travel article for more deals when you visit Charleston.... read more

A comedy of errors - our time in South Carolina only deserves to be blogged about for the comedic effect of our perpetual misfortune. The dream of Southern Belles in Columbia quickly faded when we began to realise vagabonds were certainly not deemed sexy and mysterious strangers, but rather filthy rogues not deserving of conversation. Indeed, unless you were a jock in full jock clothing or a frat-boy in a pink shirt, beige shorts/trousers and boating shoes you were an outcast in this dreary and pretentious grovel. At one stage I asked a girl outside a club why the queue was so long and whether it was worth it and she proceeded to mimic my accent in a condescending rather than the usual fascinated way before walking off, not answering my question. Joey struck up a ... read more
The beach
The beach

Charleston calls itself the Holy City, due to all its churches. It certainly can’t refer to its historical inhabitants. Today I explore one of Charleston’s darkest, but most important, legacies: slavery. Local residents like to point out that a tiny elite (around 3% of the population) owned most of the slaves in South Carolina. What they don’t like to point out is that this tiny elite dominated the colony socially, economically, and politically; and ran it for their own benefit. This elite ultimately tore the country apart rather than give up the base of their wealth. It was probably inevitable that the war would start here. T... read more
Formal Garden, Nathaniel Russell House
Custom's House, original slave market
Charleston Armory

I awoke this morning in Charleston South Carolina. Remember that I mentioned earlier (see ) that I had to do either Charleston or Savannah on the cheap. Well, today is the day. I stayed in the NotSo Hostel. It’s the only hostel in South Carolina, and routinely ranked as one of the best in the US. The neighborhood is not the best, and it’s a long walk to the tourist sites, but the security is good and the staff is really friendly. The entire place gives off a cultured bohemian vibe that I really enjoyed; a good contrast to the anonymous highway hotels that have been the backbone of the trip so far. Charleston at this point is a major tourist destination. While the city has a large number of worthy historic sites, it also has ... read more
Cannon and archway
Confederate Wall Repairs
View of Charleston from Fort Sumpter

Rather than stay up all night last night Sat., as I had a 7 hr trip to Athens, Georgia from Charleston, South Carolina, this is from the Hound on the way to Athens GA at 10am Sunday mornin’ – not comin’ down like Kris Kristofferson. It is a thoroughly dismal morning and it is steady rain on the interstate – don’t ask me which number – on the way to stops in Orangeburg SC, Columbia SC, then to Augusta and Athens GA. It was a great decision to stay out of town right at the Greyhound station again as the Clarion Inn was right next door – not to mention it was generally $40 more to stay downtown – and I would have been up for the cabfare to get down there and back anyway. ... read more
(ironman) Simmons house
Simmons gates
a Charleston house

North America » United States » South Carolina » Charleston January 25th 2011

Once more onto the road, and today's destination was Charleston. Like the previous day, it was just about the drive down to Charleston, but once we reached the town, we parked up and headed for a walk around. I didn't know much about Charleston, apart from the dance, so I didn't mind where I went or who I went around with. In the end, Graham, Sarah, Neal, G, Zoe and I headed over to Colonial Lake, only to discover it was just one big man make lake surrounded by concrete, so after resting my aching feet (it was the first time I had walked in flip flop in years so it needed some getting use to) we headed in another direction towards the Battery. Once there we found the park across the road from the water ... read more
Some of the gang
Typical residence of Charleston!
The bar with a thousand (and more) dollar bills!

This entry will be mostly photos. Some are of the RV park that we stayed, it was clean and fairly inexpensive as campgrounds go particularly being passport america members. It was also in the area that we wanted to be. That said while there were full hookups, there was no cable tv or internet and we were right next to a farm that threw one heck of a New Years Eve party. As they were right behind us we had someone at the campground complaining that we were loud and noisy until 3 AM....I found this hilarious as we were in bed at 11 PM and didn't even count down the new year. The rest of the photos are various shots of Charleston that were taken between New Years Eve and January 2nd in the evening ... read more
cruise to fort sumter
Photo 20
Photo 21

North America » United States » South Carolina » Charleston December 11th 2010

I'm sure a lot of people think the word "charming" is overused in describing Charleson, but I cannot come up with a more approriate descriptor. I'm no world traveler, but Charleston is, without a doubt, the most charming city I've ever visited. It is a law there that no building over 80 years old, within the original township boundaries, can be structurally changed. They can be modernized and upgraded, but walls, fireplaces, staircases, etc., must remain as they were originally built. I think this is a wonderful law. It forces the recycling of old buildings, rather than just tearing them down to be replaced by concrete, glass, and steel. Even the streets, as confusing as they are, must remain exactly as they were originally laid out. The result is beautiful beyond words. And, as an “older ... read more
Architectural Integrity
The Provost
The Old Exchange

North America » United States » South Carolina » Charleston November 15th 2010

We made it through the Chesapeake Bay Bridge and Tunnel, actually 2 tunnels located under water. The total distance of the bridge/tunnels is 17 miles . We were initially concerned about our 12 foot 3 inches making it through, but after learning that trucks routinely travel it we knew we’d clear the tunnel. Thanks Marty for the information! We crossed into the Outer Banks and found Avon, a small community on the Outer Banks with a small and friendly campground. We loved both so extended our stay and enjoyed more ocean walks with Harley, Pea Island Wildlife Refuge and several light houses including Cape Hatteras Lighthouse. The area attracts shore fisherman with very long poles. The dunes are gorgeous and include the highest on the East Coast. We took a 40 minute ferry ride to Ocracoke ... read more
Fort Sumter
Savannah Historical Home
Savannah's Baby-Old live oak

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