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Charleston, SC - 4ième plus grand port de la côte-est américaine. On s’arrête au coeur de Charleston parce qu’on a manqué l'ouverture du pont par 10 mins (ferme à 4pm) prochaine ouverture 9:00am. Il y a 71 ponts de Norfolk, Va à Fernandina, Fl (700 miles) sur l'ICW et la moitié sont des ponts ouvrants donc il faut se synchroniser. Ici les marées sont de 6' et le courant de 3 noeuds donc on doit planifier nos sorties en conséquence. Vu notre départ tardif à 8:30am, la brume s’est évaporée, le soleil brille et la marée monte. Le trajet aujourd’hui ressemble à un dos de serpent, plein de zigzags dans les marécages et le plan d’eau passe d’un faussée avec 8' de profondeur à un affluent avec 30' de profondeur mais la température est chaude et ... read more
Il faut 21 C!!!
The Battery - Charleston,SC
Marécages - Caroline du Sud

I have officailly seen PALM TREES.... so cool. By the way it was 70 today and I got a little sun to my cheaks! Spent the night at South of the Border truck stop... must say that was interesting. First of all, do eat the food there. Second, don't sleep there as the trains will keep you up. Third, Gomer Piles brother seems to be the law! (not that I had a run in with the law) Any way, South of the Border was dead when I got there. I figured for such a tourist trap it would be boomering... more like snoring! But will say they take care of the truckers, got my shower for free this morning! So far this is the only time I had to pull out my licence! Went to Charleston ... read more

North America » United States » South Carolina » Charleston September 19th 2011

We made tracks towards Charleston but very slowly, no couch-surfers had yet accepted us, so we hoped that after the few hours’ drive we would get an offer of a couch. We went to the office aka McDonalds for about 3 hours to use the internet and sadly there were still no couch available; we did find Francis Marion National Forest which was about 20miles from Charleston and decided to head there to camp for the night. The sun was setting, we had had no tea and the forest was huuuge...we kept driving, kept driving, and kept on driving until we eventually found a campsite in the middle of nowhere. To our surprise there was another tent there with no one in, but with the large set up they had it seemed they were living there ... read more
The dirt track to the campsite
The Motel

I’d organised to couch surf in Charleston with a host staying in dorms at the local college. I got her number two days before, however each time I called she didn’t answer. I arrived and went to the local hostel, which was closed, then the hotels, which ended up being all completely at capacity. I was in a bit of a pickle until the lady at the front desk, Julie, offered for me to stay at her house if her husband thought it was ok. I met Itti, her husband, and they offered for me to stay. The only thing I knew about the Civil War prior to Charleston was that it was fought between the north and the south. Here was definitely the place to learn more. I went to Fort Sumter, the spot of ... read more
Myrtle beach
Flags of the US
Fort Sumter

Charleston is a very pretty place I'm sure. Not that we have seen much of it over the last few days due to the extreme heat and the extreme amounts of mosquito bites I acquired on the first night (it was a really nice night apart from that - beer, bands and hammocks). Since then it has gone downhill. Imagine having a mosquito bite and how it goes through all those stages - first little and red, then inflating and blistering and making you want to take a scalpel to your skin and cut the damn thing out. Now imagine having hundreds of them covering all up your legs and thighs. Thats me! People have stopped and stared at me on the streets , one drunk old lady even stopped and asked me "what bit you ... read more

24 hours our last bus took. As you can imagine it wasn't exactly a pleasant experience. Especially considering the 5 hour layover we had in Jacksonville until 3am when our bus arrived to take us to Savannah, and then at 5am on to Charleston. We have arrived at our hostel and had a good bit of sleep now though. Lucy's face was a picture when we arrived to a woman and her tiny white kitten hanging out in our dorm - she hates cats. Even I find it a bit disconcerting having a kitten under my feet when I'm trying to brush my teeth etc. It also bites. Of course it does! Charleston looks really nice though, and the American Idol auditions have come to town so we are hoping to catch a glimpse of J.Lo ... read more

Looking to travel to Charleston, SC, but not quite sure that you can afford it. Keep in mind, getting there is the biggest cost. Once you arrive, you can see a couple of old forts and the Battery for free. The architecture in the city dates back to the 1700's. Check out Charleston, SC Budget Travel for a number of tips on budget travel to the city of Charleston, South Carolina. There are a number of festivals in the city, pick one that is based on something that you love, and plan your vacation around it. You will find tons of free entertainment. Look at this budget travel article for more deals when you visit Charleston.... read more

A comedy of errors - our time in South Carolina only deserves to be blogged about for the comedic effect of our perpetual misfortune. The dream of Southern Belles in Columbia quickly faded when we began to realise vagabonds were certainly not deemed sexy and mysterious strangers, but rather filthy rogues not deserving of conversation. Indeed, unless you were a jock in full jock clothing or a frat-boy in a pink shirt, beige shorts/trousers and boating shoes you were an outcast in this dreary and pretentious grovel. At one stage I asked a girl outside a club why the queue was so long and whether it was worth it and she proceeded to mimic my accent in a condescending rather than the usual fascinated way before walking off, not answering my question. Joey struck up a ... read more
The beach
The beach

Charleston calls itself the Holy City, due to all its churches. It certainly can’t refer to its historical inhabitants. Today I explore one of Charleston’s darkest, but most important, legacies: slavery. Local residents like to point out that a tiny elite (around 3% of the population) owned most of the slaves in South Carolina. What they don’t like to point out is that this tiny elite dominated the colony socially, economically, and politically; and ran it for their own benefit. This elite ultimately tore the country apart rather than give up the base of their wealth. It was probably inevitable that the war would start here. T... read more
Formal Garden, Nathaniel Russell House
Custom's House, original slave market
Charleston Armory

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