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Geo: 32.7812, -79.9316Today I visited places I had not been to in my previous two trips to Charleston, Boone Hall Plantation and Charles Pinckney National Historic Site. The morning started off a bit brisk. It was in the low 40s when I ventured out to the car, but no snow so a positive sign! Both sites I planned to visit are located off Highway 17, a little north of Charleston in Mt Pleasant. I took the less congested route of I-526, which goes around the city and has several nice high bridges over marshes and portions of the Charleston port. Once back on Highway 17, the turn for Boone Hall is a left at a light and there is a sign shortly before letting you know the turn is coming up. The admission price is $20 ... read more
Boone Hall

Geo: 32.7812, -79.9316My day started out early. I was up at 4 and my dad had me to the airport before 5. I had my boarding pass all ready to go and it directed me to Spirit Airline's fast drop bag line. Well, that was the only line at the Spirit counter and there were a ton of people already ahead of me. And then, when I was the second person in line, they called all the people out who were going to NY and sent them ahead because their flight was boarding. Probably could be a much faster fast lane! Security was quick and painless and I only had to walk a little distance to my gate. Our flight departed on time and arrived on time. Everything I read about Spirit before was correct. The ... read more
Cool Fish!
Predator and Prey

North America » United States » South Carolina » Charleston February 24th 2014

Fri., Feb. 21 We left Jupiter in the morning and headed north. I asked our GPS for restaurant recommendations and ended up having lunch at Mustard's Last Stand in downtown Melbourne. The menu had three pages of hot dogs. I had a veggie dog with cheese, coleslaw and BBQ sauce; it probably wasn't the smartest choice of food I've made this trip. :( We got to St. Augustine @ 3:30 and went right to a Comfort Inn and Suites with our coupons. We couldn't use the coupon and were told we were lucky to get a hotel room because it was Daytona 500 weekend. We called our friends Danielle and Harvey and were able to meet them and their three beautiful daughters in their new house in St. Augustine. We had a very enjoyable dinner ... read more
Harvey & Danielle and Family
The Pirate Museum in St. Augustine
Castillo de San Marcos in St. Augustine

Today we started with breakfast at McDonald's. Then everyone enjoyed activities of their choice in smaller groups: visiting the Angel Tree, relaxing at the beach, touring Boone Plantation, and exploring downtown Charleston. In the evening, we all enjoyed a dinner cruise in the Charleston harbor together. From the boat, we had great views of Fort Sumter, the Charleston waterfront and the Ravenel Jr. Bridge. Tomorrow we are all heading home. We've had a great week in Charleston volunteering for Sea Island Habitat for Humanity.... read more
Diane and the Folly Beach Pier
Charleston houses
Connie, Jennifer, Tara and Mike M. on the dinner cruise

We've been staying at the George W. Miller Volunteer House. It is the larger of two houses that Sea Island Habitat for Humanity makes available for volunteer groups; together they have bunks for 35 volunteers. The affiliate hosts groups in these houses most weeks from February through October. The house has five bedrooms with bunk beds, 3 1/2 baths, plus two vanities outside of the bathrooms. There is a large living room with lots of couches where we have been gathering each morning before heading out and at the end of the day for our reflections and team meetings. There is also a kitchen and dining room with a large table so that groups can prepare and eat meals in the house, but as our faithful blog followers are well aware, our group has been eating ... read more

Today once again started with breakfast at the Sunrise Bistro. Five of us again went to do deconstruction at a house in Mount Pleasant; today's team finished removing the hardwood flooring and got it all wrapped up and ready to sell at the Restore. The rest of us went to the neighborhood of seven new houses that we have been working on this week and again worked on a wide variety of tasks. We got off work a little early day today in order to attend a home dedication for a house that had been rehabbed. It was neat to get a peak at what is in store to happen at the houses we have been working on. The grandmother of the new homeowner had prepared a lot of wonderful food which we enjoyed. Then we ... read more
Connie and Drew start framing the storage shed on one of the houses
Connie moving insulation
Lolita in the rafters

We started out the day with breakfast at the Sunrise Bistro. Then we went to the Sea Island Habitat office for orientation. Sea Island Habitat for Humanity is the third oldest Habitat affiliate! Then we headed to the community of houses we will be working on this week. Five of our group headed to another site to do deconstruction work to salvage materials that the Habitat affiliate will sell in their Habitat Restore. Jobs at the main site today were finishing work; several of the houses will be closed on by the end of July. Karen and Pete arrived shortly after lunch. While we were out for the day, a new washing machine was installed in our home away from home. After our work day, we had a beautiful reflection from Pete, reminding us all how ... read more
Breakfast before our first work day - table 2
Breakfast before our first work day - table 3
Group picture at orientation

Mike is Thriving on his way to South Carolina...... read more

Hi. Its me. I am on the road again. I belong to this nationwide RVing club, Loners on Wheels. It’s exactly what it is called. - Single People who camp. There are numerous chapters all over the country. While in NJ I belonged to the PenNJs. While in FL this year I joined the MidLows. (Joining National is $55/year – seems expensive to me for what I get out of National, but it I what it is. Chapters annual dues range from $5 to $10 – cheap). The Chapter I should belong to in SC is SELows. They encompass NC, SC, GA, and TN. They hold week long campouts every month during the warmer months, and travel together as a club to many of the regional rallies. Most of their event s are very far away ... read more
Chicken Sandwich Lunch at City Market
Visit to Fort Sumter
Explanation of Next Photo

North America » United States » South Carolina » Charleston December 3rd 2012

by Whisper's contributing editor, Jon “Waves are not measured in feet or inches, they are measured in increments of fear.” ~ Buzzy Trent Sometimes when you get yourself into a pickle, you just want to shorten the agony. It didn’t turn out that way en route from Beaufort, NC to Charleston, SC. We realized that the southwest wind that was forecasted had apparently increased and would prevent us from taking a shorter route. By the time we got to the outer buoy on our new extended track, I knew we were in for a very long night. The winds were now 25 gusting to 30 knots and the waves were 8-10 feet on our starboard bow. Occasionally, an 11-12 footer would slam into us sending water over, under and around the dodger which was our only ... read more
Whisper's Stocking Stuffer

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