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Today is the first day of our road trip from Charleston to Fort Lauderdale. We started our trip in Kansas City with a two week visit with Rachel, Chris and Lyla. We flew Southwest from Kansas City to Charleston and the flight went well. We arrived and waited a long time for our luggage. Then we waited even longer for our rental car. We checked into our hotel the Marriott Courtyard in the historic district. We were hungry so we headed out looking for food. We found a pub near the port located in a 200 year old building. We enjoyed a beer and cod sandwiches. After eating we walked through the historic district until it was time to head back to the airport to pick up Christopher and Brad. The boys flew from Oakland. After ... read more
In front of the big house at the plantation
Bike ride on Sullivan Island
Fort Moultrie on Sullivan Island

Boy, is it good to get out and doing a little traveling! Even if it just a two night trip. Took the Black Beast (AKA R8) to the historical section of Charleston. Leona and I had been there over 30 years ago, however, it was mostly a tennis trip with a week spent at Wild Dunes. Unfortunately, the week after we left in 1989, Hugo caused a lot of damage to the area. On this trip, the focus was more on understanding the history, appreciating the diversity of cultures and the booming food scene. We stayed at the Wentworth Mansion which was built in 1886 and is one of the top historical boutique hotels in the nation. First stop on the way was the Boone Plantation. The Jamaicans have the language Patois while the slaves of ... read more
Wentworth Mansion
Wentworth Mansion
Wentworth Mansion

Sorry for the delay entering this last day, but got sidetracked. I woke up even earlier than necessary, so we decided to go ahead and pack up and check out of the motel at around 9am. Manoli decided she wanted to check out the Isle of Palms area before our tour of Ft. Sumter, so we headed out. We finally found it, but there weren't any good places to park, and it was pretty much just a residential beach community, so we just drove around a bit, then headed back to Patriots Point for our tour. You have to pay $5 to enter the parking lot at Patriots Point, but they have a couple other tours from the same place, and the parking was very convenient. The other tours were a helicopter ride, a tour of ... read more

We started our second day, after a trip to the local Shell station for coffee, by heading to the Magnolia Plantation and Gardens. It was a fairly long trip from the motel, but well worth it. The entrance is quite a ways from the actual buildings or gardens and parking seemed somewhat limited, but we found a place. The Magnolia Plantation and Gardens seems more gardens then buildings, although we didn't opt for the manor tour, feeling the gardens were large enough to be fulfilling. There were so many different flowers and trees, along with a number of "collection" sections, like camilia, azalea, etc. We spent almost 2 hours just walking along the paths and taking photos. A portion of the gardens border either the Ashley River or the plantation's Big Cypress Lake, adding to the ... read more

Back in early "COVID Days", my wife and I had planned on celebrating our 47th wedding anniversary by flying to Spain and walking the Camino de Santiago together, sometime in May of 2021. Well, May 2021 arrived and COVID is still here, so we had to make different plans. My wife decided she would love to spend some time in Charleston, South Carolina, so we started making plans. Originally we had planned on spending the 18th thru the the 20th of May there, but the start of my Golden Seniors summer bowling league was the 20th, and my wife didn't like the idea of rushing home on the 20th, so we changed the dates to the 17th thru the 19th. I made a reservation at the Charleston Grand Hotel, then noticed how many bad reviews they ... read more

In the fall of 1944 the Allied military command decided they need to take Aachen, the westernmost city in Germany, prior to an advance into the industrial Ruhr Basin. Aachen was an ancient city, heart of Charlemagne's empire, and for 6 centuries the place of coronation of the kings of the Holy Roman Empire. A young lieutenant from Orangeburg SC was a member of an American division attached to the British Second Army, and his battalion had been ordered to take Prummern, a small village with a strategic hilltop location. Like many young men with some ROTC training, he had been pulled out of college early and hastily trained for war. The night they arrived in Prummern, he was hiding in a cellar and thought he was going to be discovered by a German officer, and ... read more
Prummern 004 061116

North America » United States » South Carolina » Charleston November 26th 2020

Happy Thanksgiving to all!! This is a story I wrote about 5-6 years ago. The pecan Santa hangs in a place of honor on my tree. The Back-of-the-Tree Ornament The old man sat in the old overstuffed chair, sipping his apple cider with brandy, and listening to Jingle Bell Rock playing softly in the background. As he had always done, he had put up his Christmas tree, set out a few of the Dickens village buildings and figurines, and set up the crockpot with apple cider and mulling spices. It was harder now. Since his wife had died, it had taken more energy every year to put up the display she had so loved. But still he set the little skaters on the mirror with the magnets so they appeared to skate over a frozen pond. ... read more

North America » United States » South Carolina » Charleston February 24th 2020

Charleston Blog 15th February 2020 Charleston, the South Carolina port city founded in 1670, is defined by its cobblestone streets, horse-drawn carriages and pastel antebellum houses, particularly in the elegant French Quarter and Battery districts. The Battery promenade and Waterfront Park both overlook Charleston Harbor, while Fort Sumter, a federal stronghold where the first shots of the Civil War rang out, lies across the water. The South Carolina Aquarium is another coastal attraction and is popular for its 385,000-gallon Great Ocean Tank. Nearby, the circa-1773 Charleston Museum showcases the history of the South Carolina Lowcountry region. Many refined Downtown restaurants also specialize in Lowcountry cooking, which blends Southern U.S., African, French and Caribbean flavors. Beyond Downtown, Magnolia Plantation and Gardens offers a glimpse of t... read more

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We are at the part of any trip where we start making changes to the itinerary because we realize we were over ambitious in what we wanted to try and see and maybe more, because the aging process is catching up with us, and a few more minutes of sleep each day becomes very important. Today is our last day and we originally had three things on the schedule, one we did yesterday so now we have two, so the day will not be as rushed. The only thing we took off the itinerary was breakfast at the local hotspot. Will save some time and money by just eating another vegetable frittata. The trip has been a good one and I am glad we finally made it to Charleston. This like Savannah and New Mexico have ... read more
Fort Sumter
Unrestored cannon

North America » United States » South Carolina » Charleston December 1st 2019

Sunday in Charleston, since most sites are closed or have shortened hours today, it was a good opportunity to sleep in and have a relaxing day. We slept in until about 9, Tarragon wanted to be fed at his normal time 6:30, but he just had to wait. He just laid next to me so he could be the center of attention until I decided to get up. We had very little planed today, Brunch, a museum and a bit of shopping for the refrigerator magnet and a tea towel for Christina (this is our tradition we ever either of us go on a trip). We took our time getting ready and tip the housekeeper, Caroline. She had the next two days off and we wanted to make sure she was tipped directly because she did ... read more
Powder Magazine
Gibbs Museum

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