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First of all, I call this trip "Mothers and Daughters Respite in Scotland" because I am travelling with my daughter, Sara, her friend, Helen, and Helen's mother, Faye. We all need a respite from something, whether it is family trials, work problems, health difficulties, or something else. So this trip is a respite, a relief, as well as an opportunity to cross a few things off our respective bucket lists. So we started this day quite early, up by 3:30 am and at the airport by 5:30 for a 7:10 flight to Philadelphia. Unfortunately we were stuck with a 12 hour layover in the city of brotherly love. So, we decided, this was our time for a little history lesson. Upon deplaning, we got an Uber to take us into the old city, starting at Constitution ... read more
Constitution Hall
Constitution Hall
Constitution Hall

North America » United States » Pennsylvania » Abbottstown August 27th 2019

The transition from Cedar Creek Campground in Bayville NJ to Quaker Woods Campground in Quakertown PA on Wednesday, July 24, 2019 was smooth and uneventful. Quaker Woods Campground is, as attractions on my itinerary went, relatively close to everything and very close to nothing. Most of my targets were about thirty minutes in pretty much every direction from Quaker Woods. Most older campgrounds were built when a pop-up camper was a Cadillac, a major leap forward from tent camping; when a large camping unit was 24 feet long; and when 30-amp electrical service was top shelf. Quaker Woods is that in a nutshell. Not being conducive to the mega-motorhome crowd, the cost is lower and most sites are filled with RVs housing full-time residents or with permanent units whose owners bring the family sedan to the ... read more
The Taylorsville Store Is One of Several Nicely Restored Structures on the Pennsylvania Side of the River
Maps, Diagrams and Artifacts Help Tell the Story on the New Jersey Side of the River
The Clarke House Itself Is About as Plain as Jane Can Get

The drive from Quaker Woods Campground in Quakertown PA to Elizabethtown/Hershey KOA in Elizabethtown PA on SUNDAY, August 4, 2019 was just under 100 miles and just under two hours, according to GoogleMaps, and was uneventful. My regular readers know that I enjoy visiting state capitals and all that usually accompanies them, including the state history museum and the state Vietnam Veterans Memorial. They also know that I usually travel on Wednesdays but occasionally two consecutive stops deserve more that one week but not really two weeks; however, like Baby Bear, a week and a half, “Is just right!” Such was the case with Quakertown (nearby capital, Trenton NJ) and Elizabethtown (nearby capital, Harrisburg PA). For some reason that still puzzles me, my first order of business on Monday, August 5, 2019 was a stop at ... read more
From Time to Time, The Visitor Can Listen in On Relevant Conversations
The Foil Wrapping Came Along 17 Years After the Hershey Kiss Was Created
Some of the (No Longer) Trade Secrets of the Day Are Revealed

Each year, I usually outline a general path of travel and then select one or two major events that could be “massaged” into my itinerary by adding a week here and deleting a week there. This year found only one event making the final cut – the celebration of Independence Day in Philadelphia PA. A brief glance showed that all the Pennsylvania RV parks were a minimum one-hour drive from city center, and my attempts to find an RV park relatively close to a mass transit station were futile as well. After spending several hours in vain scouring the Pennsylvania options, I decided to look outside the box and examine New Jersey – just across the Delaware River from the target in my crosshairs, the City of Brotherly Love. I learned that the Port Authority Transit ... read more
The Train Doesn't Become a Subway Until After Crossing the Delaware River on the Ben Franklin Bridge
And I Thought Sinkholes Were Only in Florida
Walking Around INHP Held Many Pleasant Surprises

Day 9 – July 6 – Princeton, NJ to Dover, DE (147 miles) In order to possibly get a chance at tickets to Independence Hall today, we had to leave the hotel early and go to Philly to stand in a long line and hope for the best. So, on the road early, we got into Philadelphia, the city of brotherly (and sisterly) love, and waited and waited and waited. Finally, when we made it to the ticket desk and felt lucky to get some tickets for 1:00 pm. However, that meant we had all morning in Philadelphia before the tour. Susan had on her thinking cap and told us to head for the Liberty Bell right away before the heat of the day set in and everybody and their mother got there. It was still ... read more

Mileage 311 Mechanicsburg Pa to Paramus NJ We woke up in the morning and realized we had left the window open all night. No wonder it was hot in the room and it was good luck we were on the 4th floor. Claire clogged the toilet and we had to call maintenance (Claire says someone did and she just got blamed). After breakfast we fueled the car and we decided to try flex fuel since the van said it would take it and it was $.30 cheaper per gallon. Luckily it was a success for the day. We stopped by Walmart to get supplies. They weren’t having a good day. We walked in and the shelves were empty in the fruits and vegetables??? We needed some of these. We asked what happened. “we lost power and ... read more

Mileage 379 Buffalo – Mechanicsburg (outside of Harrisburg, Pa ) We left Buffalo and headed south to Pennsylvania. On the way out of town, we passed through some neighborhoods and saw some interesting yard art. Susan and Pam were telling Claire, she should do some of this in her new lot. One item was some fake people “pot heads”. They really were pot heads as their heads were flower pots. After leaving town, we drove in the rain through farm land and on country roads. We passed one corn field and the corn was VERY little. Pam said, “that’s where they grow the little corns for the salad”. We all got a good laugh. There was not a direct path to the area we were heading. Our route did take us by some large lakes and ... read more

i left the Larry picture off. Sorry.... read more

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I can’t even begin to put into words how much this trip has meant to me. I have never traveled across the world before, so I didn’t know what to expect. However, Thailand far-exceeded my expectations. This truly was a once in a lifetime opportunity. Not only did it feel like the most amazing vacation, but I also got to experience the medical aspect of Thailand as well. Nursing is so important to me, and being able to experience that in a different culture was such an eye-opening experience. It was also pretty awesome to travel alongside 8 other amazing girls and now friends. We all meshed together so well, creating such a fun environment. Whether we were touring a temple, talking late at night in our rooms, or spending endless hours in a van, we ... read more

I live in North Carolina, but occasionally travel to the Adirondack region of New York. That's where I spent my summers as a kid, and it's a great place to cool off and escape the extremely hot summers in the south. On my last trip from NY back to NC I decided to visit the City of Brotherly Love, Philadelphia. Parking. I pulled in to Philly and quickly discovered that what I heard was true. There's basically nowhere to park. I currently live in a small town in North Carolina and drive a heavy duty Dodge 2500 with the big crew cab and a long bed. The truck is around 25' long and takes up 1.5 parking spaces. I can pretty much go wherever I'd like with ease and even pull up close to businesses. In ... read more

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