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August 25th 2009
Published: September 16th 2009
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1: Improptu performance at restaurant/bar 56 secs

Huge beaches - Ice cold water
After Seattle we were more in unknown territory, it was the less prepared and documented part of our US trip.
We enjoyed Seasite and Newport, but hated Lincoln City. If you read these lines and intend to go to Oregon, listen to this: never go to Lincoln City a waste on this planet.
Although it is rather cold, this part of the Pacific Coast is beautiful, full of life. We had fun watching these colonies of birds flying about 50 cm to 1 meter above the sea and diving to catch fish. Brown pelicans were a surprise to us, we saw some white ones in Yellowstone and here we had plenty of brown ones fishing in group and flying with style.
We didn't know there were whales around there so that was a surprise when we first noticed the fountains of their breathing. We ended up booking a tour with a biologist who took us on a zodiac with 4 other tourist. It was a great experience, what I still remember is whale breath. We were so close we could smell it and the least I can say it that they don't use tooth paste!
After this we went for lunch at a place fishermen told us just bought some fresh crab from them. It was a great meal, luckily, it was already late and we were hungry. As you can see on the video, one of the barmaids started suddenly playing music with the bottles, very funny.
As the forest in so close to the shore we also did some hiking among the Ponderosa pines which we like so much. A pity our garden in Wembley is too small!
The best thing is to let you have a look at some pictures, we hope they will give you an idea of that region.

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The water is cold but very rich in food. We saw thousand of birds 'hunting' for fish. Amazing...

Among the birds were gracious brown Pelicans
Wild flowers close to the beachWild flowers close to the beach
Wild flowers close to the beach

I think the French name is 'Digitaline' and they are poisonous but beautiful.

We found this friend while walking along the shore, close to the flowers. Not sure if this one is poisonous !
They are preparedThey are prepared
They are prepared

We found this signs all along the coast.

12th October 2009
You are going to have problems with the Lincoln city fan club! I think the bea

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