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6th January 2015

Back to basics!?
Met veel genoegen volgen we jullie avontuurlijke tocht! Moet enig zijn om "back to basics" te reizen in zo'n paradijselijk land! Geniet mateloos! Hou het veilig! See you soon. Etienne & Yvette! xx
10th December 2014

enjoy your holiday
Dear Robsen and Ben, I was just thinking if you will have closed the B&B for travelling, and instantly I got the answer by your first blog entry! Enjoy your holiday. Let’s synchronize again, that’s fun. Kisses from Munich
From Blog: Back to Brazil
26th November 2011

I also sponsor a child in Khantati region and loved your blog and photos and great comments from other sponsors.
8th August 2011

Sounds like you had a great time! And great photos too! A Mauritius holiday looks beautiful!
13th April 2011
001 Tracks through the Serra.jpeg

What a great photo
Wow, how did you manage to get that angle. A great shot.
7th March 2011
Black River Gorges NP

Amazing place. So beautiful.
8th February 2011

I like your pictures..its all nice ..thank you..
9th July 2010

welcome home
I have enjoyed your trip. Your commentary on the trip made it seem as if Hank and I were with you. Please drop me an e-mail so I am certian that I have the current one.
29th May 2010

i enjoyed reading your blog. i sponsor rosa in bolivia too. i always enjoy getting mail from them more so when its unexpected. im glad the chartity does lot of good work. i often feel humbled thinking about her and my other sponsored child in india. im happy you met alfredo. id like to see the kids too. i hope for me, once the projects finish, that ill still be able to stay in touch to send cards gifts etc. For me its like a bond has developed...any way glad you enjoyed the visit. very interesting article
27th May 2010

I am always amazed how they built those places and castles, perched high up on rocky outcrops. Health and safety!! Amazing views and sounds like amazing food. Did you get the recepies? lorraine
27th May 2010

Solvenian choir
Love the bit about the choir; Love the blog, a few more months to go! Lorraine
21st May 2010

Welcome home
Hey guys, Good to hear you've arrived back home safely!! I must admitt I didn't follow the entire trip but I did manage to see some parts of it! The reasons we didn't have that much time left to go on the web are numberous : We just moved to our new house which sort of like looks like a construction site, a lot of work left to be done On 01/07/2009 Nathalie gave birth to our second son : Rob (inspired by Robson ;-)))) 3 months ago I started a new job, I am now an Account Manager with Electrolux You see, busy,busy, busy!! Hopefully we'll catch up again soon (maybe on the familie feest??) We wish you all the best and see you soon!! Greetings Mich, Nat, Daan & Rob
8th April 2010

Island of peace
Hello! Nice to read your review about the island. I love the place as well and the pousada where you stayed is really lovely. If you plan to come to the island, there is a site with plenty of information about it: Cheers!
3rd April 2010

I can't believe your world trip finished!!!! I'm sad that I couldn't meet you... I really miss you, guys... Love
29th March 2010

de Philippe
Bonjour Messieurs, C'est toujours un réel plaisir de vous suivre à travers vos visites. J'apprend énormément même si je voyage par procuration :(. Bravo pour les photos et le texte très riche !!! Un grand merci car ici il pleut !!!! A bientôt, Cordialement, Philippe Van Malder
29th March 2010

I loved Curitiba as well!!!
Ben, I´ve been in Curitiba for the first time two years ago. I spent just one weekend there and I loved it!!! The tourism bus is perfect to visit the most interesting points of the city, isn´t it? The Opera de Arame and the Museu Oscar Niemeyer are some of mine favourite places too. You were so lucky to be there during the Theater Festival!! It´s the biggest in Brazil. Even in São Paulo we don´t have anything like it, that happens every year, with Brazilian and foreign companies... I´d like to be there during the festival at least once... I´ll... Saudade! beijos pra você e pro Robson!!!
23rd February 2010

It was so enlightening to read Robson's account of his visit to the Khantati region. I have just sponsored a little girl from there and can't wait to go now I have seen it. I have started saving up already. The people look lovely and my little girl is already precious to me. Elaine
21st February 2010

Nordeste do brasil
Martin, many thanks for this encouraging comment. It helps us to keep going. Ben & robson
20th February 2010

Nordeste do Brasil
I enjoyed your blog and photos very much. Born and raised in New York i was lucky enough to work in the northeast of Brasil for two years. Your photos took me back to a time of my life i cherish. I expeirenced the sites sounds and smells once again. Keep writing and taking photos, you can never know whose life you will touch. Enjoy your journey.
28th January 2010

Vanuit Torhout
B.& R. Altijd blijverrast met het fotoverslag van de reis. We blijven er naar uitkijken, tot we jullie weer eens 'in corpore' in Torhout mogen ontvangen! Blijf het verder goed stellen! Groetjes van Yvette en mezelf.
11th January 2010

Hey my team
Hi zebra kkk its me Mongolian boxer uka.
10th January 2010

It worth
I always had the same doubt: should I visit Brasilia? Will it worth go there? Finally, at the end of 2008, I decided to spend the weekend there. I just loved. I don´t know if I will come back, but for sure it´s a place that worth go at least once... Saudade de vocês... beijooo
10th January 2010

Bonne année !
Thanks for keeping us posted, I always enjoy reading along the way. Le temps de votre retour approche, je me réjouis de vous inviter chez moi :o) Bonne année à vous deux. Biz
21st December 2009

Hey Guys, Peru is certianlly great. I love the floating islands,. Hope you guys have a great christmas and a very happy new year. austin and Hank

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