Dune Buggy Babes

Published: July 2nd 2013
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Oregon DunesOregon DunesOregon Dunes

Entering Sand Dunes Country
Another day of new experiences!

We drove along the famous Oregon Coastal Sand Dunes. Some areas rise up to 500 feet, extend 2 1/2 miles inland and total 32,186 acres. The wind causes the dunes to change seasonally, covering new areas and sometimes doubling them in height. To stabilize the dunes, grasses and trees have been planted.

Of course, we had to take a dune buggy ride. Jimmy was our driver and he asked us if we liked roller coasters. Mom said, "Give us all you got!" So he took the three of us on a WILD AND CRAZY ride.

We went up, over and around the dunes all the way to the ocean's edge and drove along the beach. Then back up into the dunes; slipping and sliding while we hung on tight.

At one point, the buggy stalled out precariously at a 90%!a(MISSING)ngle, and Jimmy said, "I guess we're stuck." When our eyes widened he laughed and said "Just funnin' with you" and off we went straight down the hill.

It's a good thing we were tightly strapped in and he made us wear helmets. Nancy said (not Mom or Mary)...I was so
Dune Buggy RentalsDune Buggy RentalsDune Buggy Rentals

Spinreel, best rides on the coast
scared I wet my pants.

It was like experiencing our FIRST rollercoaster ride all over again!

Additional photos below
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Our BuggyOur Buggy
Our Buggy

All suited up and ready to go
Dunes - GrasslandsDunes - Grasslands
Dunes - Grasslands

Can't go under it, Can't go over it...Have to go through it.
Dunes - hilltopDunes - hilltop
Dunes - hilltop

Can see for miles
Dunes - hilltopDunes - hilltop
Dunes - hilltop

Great View
Dunes - hilltopDunes - hilltop
Dunes - hilltop

Slipping & sliding down the hill
Dunes - beachDunes - beach
Dunes - beach

Crashing waves & Oregon fog
Dunes - beachDunes - beach
Dunes - beach

Would you let this woman drive?

Saying goodbye to our awesome driver!

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