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April 17th 2014
Published: April 17th 2014
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I didn't want to spend my last morning in Hong Kong sitting around the hotel room, so I packed my bags and then went out for a walk. I strolled along past little shops selling everything you can thing of: a tiny hardware store, a large number of shops selling dried seafood products (anchovies (I think), slices of fish, seaweed, and several items I couldn't identify), a money exchange office, a 7-11, a Starbucks, a shop that appeared to be selling 4x8 pieces of plywood, and others. After a while I hopped on a tram that runs along one of the main streets and rode it to the Bank of China building. I had my passport with me, so I was able to go up to the observation floor. Clearly the view was more impressive back when the building was one of the tallest in HK, but I'm still glad I saw it. After that I strolled past the Anglican cathedral where there was an Easter week service going on and then headed back to the hotel to collect my bags. I took the subway to the airport and flew to San Francisco on Cathay Pacific Airlines. I can see why they are one of the highest rated airlines in the world. I felt quite pampered. As I write this I am sitting in the San Francisco airport waiting for my flight to Portland. I will take this opportunity to write my final blog entry for this trip. It seems a very long time ago that I left Portland for my first stop in Mexico. It was, in fact, seven weeks ago. Probably Sydney was my favorite stop because Maggie was there to share it with me. The other stops were all new to me and I am now able to tick more items off my Bucket List. A big one is that I am closer to my goal of visiting all seven continents. I can now cross off South America, so that leaves Africa and Antarctica. Certainly I enjoyed all the places I went on this trip. Mexico, Chile, Australia, Singapore, and Hong Kong all have their good points and I am glad to have seen them. I hope you have enjoyed reading about my adventures on this blog and I hope to add more entries during future journeys. P.S. I landed in Portland and Maggie picked me up and drove me home. I am glad to be back home after all my travels.


17th April 2014

Wonderful Trip and Blog
Thank you for tucking your readers into your duffle bag for a second-hand trip to these exotic places. It was fun to read about your adventures every morning on my computer. I am one of your mother's genealogy and writing group friends in Mt. Clemens, MI.
17th April 2014

Enjoyed your trip
Hi Bill, I am a friend of your Mom, and have enjoyed traveling with you, and look forward to your next trip. She told us this morning at Writing, that you are coming to visit in May. Ann
21st April 2014

What a wonderful trip!
What a wonderful trip, Bill! Thanks so much for sharing. Jack and I have enjoyed the travels along with you. Glad you made it back home safely and we are so sorry we will miss you on your trip out here..but we'll catch up with you in cyberspace! Take care, Lisa

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