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September 29th 2008
Published: September 29th 2008
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It is the first day of school, and I'm in the cafeteria getting a late lunch. So far I've been on campus for 3 hours and all I've done is go to my pilates class. I don't teach until 6PM on Mondays. Sort of sucks, but not the end of the world. Anyway, the only thing open this late in the afternoon in the cafeteria is the grill. I'm sitting there looking at the menu and watching the lady take orders, and call out the finished orders. It takes be backs... She isn't old enough to be June, but this could definitely be The Worx.

So the first week of classes went pretty well I think. I managed to have enough lecture notes for all of my classes and almost ran over in several of the classes. Not sure if that is good or bad. This week might be harder as I will have to prep my classes and grade homeworks and labs. We will see. I think I'm getting a handle on things.

I have strange schedule. I lecture Monday from 6-9pm and then Tuesday I lecture from 9AM-11AM with a lab from 11-2. Then I repeat that on Wednesday/Thursday. Well Wednesday night is only 1 hour of lecture and then 3 hours of lab. Tuesday about noon, I looked at the guy in charge of the lab, and told him I was exhausted. I think the adrenaline and fear of my first to classes was starting to subside and I was crashing. I had survived and really wasn't any worse for the wear.

I will say I enjoy where I'm at and what I'm doing so far. It is fun being on a college campus and people watching all day. I guess I don't really have much to say about the teaching. It is going to be a long year I think. But it should be good.

Oh yeah, did I mention I have Friday's off... that is assuming I have all of my prep work and grades done.

PS - I moved this weekend.. Still in Portland. If you want the new address shoot me an email and I will get it too you.


29th September 2008

Mike, This is a very brave endeavor you have taken on. I'm glad you are happy. We are very proud of you. T

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