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June 15th 2020
Published: June 17th 2020
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Driving through Northern CaliforniaDriving through Northern CaliforniaDriving through Northern California

or possibly southern Oregon
The travel and drive to Klamath Falls, Oregon felt long and tedious, even with stunning scenery. We’re used to taking our time when we travel, stopping and seeing road-side sights, and trying new places to eat. Instead, with COVID-19, we felt uncomfortable just stopping for the bathroom. So, we barely stopped. The kids normally love road trips, but they were feeling cranky and ready to be done with this trip. I felt the same way.

Northern California and southern Oregon are scenic with the mountains, pines, sage, and small bodies of water. The homes and towns we passed were interesting. Some are eclectic or kitschy with roadside signs displayed on fences and numerous lawn ornaments, but most are mobile homes or pre-fab homes. Everything seems a little poor, but then I’d remember we were in California and wondered if these cheap homes we saw were worth half a million or more.

When we arrived at Klamath Falls, it was a bit of a relief to be out of the car. We had reservations at a KOA. Andrew’s parents met us there. They drove down in their RV. Having an RV right now must be so reassuring. You get to sleep and use the restroom in your own vehicle! We reserved the next best thing: a “deluxe” cabin, which basically means a cabin with its own bathroom. This meant we had our own little building and our own bathroom, so we didn’t have to share facilities with other people. It’s a great option for social distancing!

The first thing we did was each take a shower. I did a load of laundry to get our clothes clean from travel (so that thing about not having to share facilities with others wasn’t entirely true… we used the laundry room, although no one else was there). I also wiped down surfaces with a disinfectant wipe. After that, I decided we just needed to enjoy ourselves. We controlled what we could and reduced our risk as much as possible, and now we were there to spend time with family. It’s the purpose of vacation, right? We cooked in Paul & Colleen’s RV and enjoyed a dinner together. The kids love that their RV is right next to our cabin! Then we had to say goodnight. I think we are all ready to fall asleep in the comfortable beds of our cabins! Tomorrow, we’re heading to Crater Lake! It’s just an hour away from here. I’m looking forward to being at the national park, but, honestly, I’m not looking forward to the stress of travel right now. I’m so glad we’ve gotten to see Paul & Colleen—it’s so good for the kids to spend time with their grandparents (and vice versa!). But, honestly, I haven’t decided yet if the vacation is worth the stress of travel right now or not.


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