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December 3rd 2009
Published: December 3rd 2009EDIT THIS ENTRY

After recruiting friends and neighbors to watch the homestead for the duration, we departed Tuesday morning, Dec 1, 09, for our snowbird adventure to Arizona.

We have cameras, motion sensors, telephone triggers, alarms, etc. And a couple of sheriff’s deputies living in the ‘hood.

Our 5th wheel rig, Uncle Joe, was in the driveway for three days before departure. We loaded it up and got it ready to travel. Four months; can you imagine that? I can’t; so we will see how this trips out.

On Tuesday, we put in what for us was a long day. We expected sun breaks, but found more fog and low hanging clouds. At least the road was bare and dry.

We circumvented Portland by using the 205 Loop, connecting with I-5 south of the city. We knew we were on our way.

Click on the link below to see where we stayed our first night on the road in Oregon at Hi-way Haven RV in Sutherlin, OR:

Hi-way Haven location

Today was a challenging day of driving through the mountain passes of southern Oregon and northern California. The curtain of low hanging fog ended near the California border, where a sun kissed with bowers of flowers seemed to meet us at the state line.

Shortly after entering the state, we had to stop for questioning at a border control point.

“Do you have any fruit or veggies on board?”

The officer and I both looked at Nan and Shaddy, in almost an accusatorial posture.

“Yea; we purchased it all at Costo,” she replied.

“Ok, have a safe visit to Kaleeforkneea,” said the sun kissed mister.

So, here we are for an overnight in Redding, CA.

Mountaingate RV Park location

Tomorrow, we are headed south of Stockton for Dos Reis County Park. After two long, aggressive days of driving, we are going to enjoy a shorter day. The only regret is that we will probably miss the televised Civil War Thursday evening between Oregon and Oregon State.

Keep on trucking,



3rd December 2009

Glad to hear you cleared the mountains and are now in the Golden State! Drive safely and enjoy a more leisurely pace as you continue southward. Good turnout for the CRHA meeting last night...standing room only! No earth shaking news - just a good review of the year. A new board - minus Paddrick - was elected. Bobbie's funeral will be Monday. I'll officiate at the graveside in Kent that afternoon. Pat's recovered her sense of balance and health! Thanks for the blog and we'll keep watching for yer news, pardner!
3rd December 2009

"Ducks vs Beavers"
"Your off!", How exciting!! Stay safe and have fun. Hope you get to see some of the game tonight. I know you are 'frying bigger fish'. Thomas
3rd December 2009

Happy Traveling
Hi you three Well it sounds like you are on your way.Am looking forward to your visit with us . It has cooled down here and is supposed to be that way for the next several days.I do believe winter has arrived. We had dinner at the local Moose lodge on thanksgiving and it was very good sure bear the heck out of cooking.We brought some turky home for Sandwiches also so it was a good day.Take care see you when you get here Al
5th December 2009

snow birding in Oly
Its getting mighty cold here this pm, we are going to hear the Magical Strings play at St. John's Episcopal Church tonite. We miss you guys, stay warm in the Cailfornia sun. Lot of love, Ada
5th December 2009

Orange Groves
What great photos as usual...along with the interesting description of your trip. Is the rest stop problem in the interest of cost-saving in CA? How fun to be camped in an orange grove. I have fond memories of that in the 50's when my parents would take us on long camping trips in the summer. We have awakened to cold temps and clear skies the past few days. Hopefully today we will get a little walk in. I'm just happy to feel better...sense of balance is back as well as my APPETITE! Miss you all very much. Have a safe and wonderful trip.
5th December 2009

Ya Hoo
Glad you are trucking and finally have broken in the Beast. What good is a truck without a dent!! We are well hear, enjoying cold and sunny weather. Keep us posted!! Ricky Ray

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