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July 11th 2013
Published: July 11th 2013
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Crater Lake Crater Lake Crater Lake

View from the rim of the caldera
Today we continue our adventure in the interior of Oregon. We stopped at the fire jumper’s museum. These men would load themselves with about 150 pounds of gear, fly to the site of the fire high in the mountains, and parachute down in the middle of nowhere to put out the raging flames before they spread into a major forest fire…all this for $2/hour back in the 1960s. Currently, there are 40 active fire jumper bases in Canada, over 100 in the U.S. and 1,000 in Russia. Hopefully they get paid more than what they use to for doing this dangerous work!

Our road followed the Umpqua River, a designated scenic highway. We came upon a spot where the Little River collided with the Umpqua River. Many years ago, an Indian village was located on this spot. Mary picked a yellow fruit off a tree and ate it, not knowing what it was. We will see if she is still alive tonight.

As we traveled along, we found a path down to the river where Mary could get her gills wet… I swear she is part fish. She always travels with her bathing suit on. In Oregon,
Smoke Jumper MuseumSmoke Jumper MuseumSmoke Jumper Museum

The parachutes have to be inspected after every jump.
they don’t call it “skinny dipping”, they call it “chunky dunking.” We were lucky to find a short path down to the water as most of this road is up along the side of the mountain with the river far below.

Time for lunch and we found the PERFECT spot…Diamond Lake Resort. This resort, built in 1922, is nestled between two snow-capped mountains (Mt. Bailey and Mt Thielsen) and is at 5,000 feet above sea level. It reminded us of the lodge in “Dirty Dancing”.

Our next stop was Crater Lake Nation Park. The Indians considered this as their sacred place. This park, at 7,000 feet elevation, is the 7th wonder of North America. The mountain (Mt. Mazama) erupted 7,700 years ago. This eruption left a 6 mile wide caldera which now cradles the deepest lake in the U.S. We drove the 33 mile scenic drive around the rim and took many pictures. Nancy and Mary found some snow on the side of the mountain and had a snowball fight.

There is a boat tour of the lake, but you have to take a path down to the water which is equal to 75-stories (as tall as
Smoke Jumper MuseumSmoke Jumper MuseumSmoke Jumper Museum

Jumpers don't always land on the ground...sometimes, they end up in a tree!
the Chrysler building in New York)…we decided to pass on that one.

We stopped to have dinner at the lodge that was built on the rim in 1910. We sat on the veranda, 900 feet above the water overlooking the crater.

What a view!! What a wonderful way to end the day!!

Additional photos below
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Umpqua National ForestUmpqua National Forest
Umpqua National Forest

Two mighty rivers (the Little & the Umpqua) colliding into one. It's a phenomenon that is a RARE natural occurrence.
Umpqua National ForestUmpqua National Forest
Umpqua National Forest

Tioga Footbridge over the Umpqua River. Umpqua means "thunder water."
Umpqua National ForestUmpqua National Forest
Umpqua National Forest

Mary doing cannonballs in the Umpqua River
Umpqua National Forest Umpqua National Forest
Umpqua National Forest

Basalt columns formed by a lava flow
Diamond Lake Diamond Lake
Diamond Lake

Awesome resort nestled between two snow capped mountains
Diamond LakeDiamond Lake
Diamond Lake

Enjoying lunch at the resort
Crater Lake on Mtn MazamaCrater Lake on Mtn Mazama
Crater Lake on Mtn Mazama

Notice how blue the water is! That is because it is 2,000 feet deep (deepest in the U.S). It's 33 miles around the rim with many, many viewpoints...and we stopped at EVERY one!!
Wizard IslandWizard Island
Wizard Island

Not really an island, this is a new volcano cone that is slowly, slowly, slowly growing. Will it erupt in our lifetime...we will see!
Wizard IslandWizard Island
Wizard Island

Some areas around the rim are lush and green, others are barren and desert like.
Snowball FightSnowball Fight
Snowball Fight

It's July and there is still snow on the mountain
Vidae FallsVidae Falls
Vidae Falls

Waterfall flowing down from the rim
Phantom ShipPhantom Ship
Phantom Ship

This outcropping of rocks looks like a 3 masted schooner on the lake...Johnny Depp's secret sanctuary
View from the LodgeView from the Lodge
View from the Lodge

Gorgeous view, 6 miles across and 7,000 feet above sea level.
Crater Lake LodgeCrater Lake Lodge
Crater Lake Lodge

Enjoying dinner on the veranda of the 100 year old lodge

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