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August 26th 2019
Published: August 25th 2019
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Summer vacations are special, and often difficult to select and plan. One thought, other than cost, is an escape from the summer heat of the San Joaquin Valley. Often, the easy solution is to head over to the central California coast, such as Carmel or Pismo. But sometimes, going elsewhere has appeal.

With that thought in mind, we thought about heading up to cooler weather in Oregon. We have numerous friends who spend their summers up along the Oregon coast. When our little Buddy was alive, we drove up the Oregon coast, for golf, cool weather, wine tasting, great seafood, and relaxation.

The other major part of the equation is being able to take our little Lexi with us on vacation. Yes, it is a long drive up to Oregon. And it is a long time for a puppy to sit in a crate in the back of our mini SUV. But I think it will be worth it for all three of us. We prefer this to leaving her at the pet resort or with a pet sitter.

The drive up to Oregon is long, and rather boring, along I-5. It is mostly farmland, with lots of almond trees. The highlights are probably Lake Shasta, Mount Shasta, and Mount Lassen. We will probably break the trip up on our way north, though our dear friends in Redding have moved away (to Reno).

I recently read an interview with former President Obama about travel. I think you will enjoy it, if you have not already read it. It is quite insightful, whether you agree with his politics or not.

When asked about how traveling and being raised in other countries shaped his character:

By virtue of my birth and upbringing I am somebody who believes in bringing people together instead of separating them into groups of us against them...If we try to reassert the very hard fixed borders at a time when tech and info are borderless not only will we fail but we will see more conflict, more clashes. One of the benefits of travel industry is to remind people of the incredible value of the diversity of this planet and the differences we have...this is what makes the food in Sevilla different from food in Bangkok-- they are both really good. But travel also reminds us of what we share and what we have in common and what things we share with each other. If you are wandering thru a small village in Kenya and you see a mother and child playing and laughing, then you realize it's not that much different than a mother and child in Hawaii or Virginia.
Thank you, Mr. Obama.

So, we are in the state of Oregon, a place that is light years ahead of the rest of our country in health care, euthanasia, taxation, and clean air. But they do not seem to place much importance on recycling bottles and cans!


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