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Sunset Beach, North Carolina, 1er juillet Encore un été à vadrouiller sur les routes du pays de l'Oncle Sam! Cette fois, le périple sera tout balnéaire puisque nous remonterons la côte Est depuis la frontière entre les deux Carolines jusqu'aux rivages du Maine. Avant d'atteindre les plages, nous fîmes escale dans quelques villes nichées au creux de la magnifique baie de Cheasapeake, immense bras de mer qui recueille les eaux de plus de 150 rivières et fleuves et s'étend sur plus de 300 kilomètres. Annapolis, dans le Maryland, conserve encore aujourd'hui un cachet historique et nous replonge dans l'histoire américaine. Fondée au milieu du dix-septième siècle, port négrier pendant un temps, elle fut la première capitale du nouveau pays qu'allaient devenir les États-Unis à la signature du Traité de Paris en 1783. L'actuelle capitale du Maryland ... read more
Bay bridge, Annapolis
Annapolis, MD
Annapolis, MD

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October 1st-7th Enjoying the down time in Elizabethtown PA and taking time to see some attractions we missed before. We revisited Gettysburg and this time gave our attention to CSA and the Army of Virginia. Seeing things from a different perspective and remembering those on the Confederate side of the story. Far too many people do not know the true reason that started the battle between the states and the hundreds of thousands of citizen's that gave their life for what they believed in. I ask you all to learn both sides about our nation’s history and not just the Diatribe that is fed to us in the name of political correctness. We trekked all of the battlegrounds in Gettysburg and plan to visit other sites now to learn what really happened. After our trip to ... read more
Virginia sign
NC Sign
SC Sign

OH PRAISE THE ONE WHO PAID MY DEBT and RAISED THIS LIFE UP FROM THE DEAD!! Today was another HOT one….105 or something like that!! We spent part of the day at Sunset Beach, NC, and part at Ocean Isle Beach, NC. I convinced my parents it was a GREAT idea to visit every beach in the area so we could check out the entire Carolina Coast! So far we have hit up Wrightsville Beach, Myrtle Beach, Sunset Beach, and Ocean Isle Beach! I will give you a summary on each beach at a later time, once I have visited as many as I could in this short amount of time (yes, we still plan on visiting a few others)! We had lunch at this delicious restaurant called “Giggling Mackerel” in Ocean Isle, NC. I stepped ... read more
Hand in Hand
My AMAZING Parents :)

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