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So it was time to hit the road again, Rich in Waldwick NJ who most graciously kept my bike hidden away in a retreat for abused bikes, his garden shed, was to be relieved of his burden. Last year as I came to the west coast of the US I had an idea of going up and down the coast and then ship the bike back to jolly olde Sweden as the last leg of the American odyssey. Then I met Grant in some hotel in Bumfuck Nepal and we got talking about riding in Mexico, one of my favourite countries, and we talked about going there together. Grant lives in Dallas and that is close-ish to Mexico and he said that I could park my bike in his garage, so now I'm on my way ... read more

My grandparents on my paternal side are on the younger side of the scale and always up for a new adventure. They moved to our sleepy hometown in the Triad region of North Carolina about four years ago, when my husband and I were expecting our first child. They’d lived in Texas their entire lives and were ready to settle down and spend their golden years surrounded by the family they’d loved from a long distance for so long. Yet, even though they’ve put down their forever roots here, they are constantly on the go! My little family is in the youngest stages of our lives and still, they hit the road so much more than we do! This past weekend, they invited us to attend a dinner theater with them up in Boone, NC. We ... read more

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My husband Robert recently underwent a job change. For 12 years, he worked as a plumber apprentice under his grandfather, fixing pipes and repairing bathrooms. His grandfather worked with him until the ripe old age of 83, when he retired to take care of his wife who’d recently fallen and required more care. It didn’t take long for my husband to realize that working alone wasn’t his forte. He has a very social personality and missed having conversations with people throughout the day. So, a few months after his grandfather left the business, so did my husband. He went to work in an outside sales position for a plumbing supply company. It was a great fit, as the industry was the same and he already knew all of the background information. Plus, most of his new ... read more

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Bonjour à tous, Côté musique Asheville n'a pas tenus ses promesses. Énormément de monde dans le centre ville, l'après midi, j'avais vu qu'il y avait beaucoup de restaurants, mais le soir j'ai eu la sensation que leur nombre avait doublé. Tous bondés. Par contre deux bars où il y avait un orchestre de jazz, ceux ci étaient totalement désertés, autant dire pas d'ambiance. J'ai pourtant fait 3 ou 4 km à pied dans la ville. Conclusion avant 10h30 j'étais au lit. Avant de partir ce matin je jette un œil sur les hôtels qu'il y a Boone, Tous complets, et bien sur les prix vont avec la demande. Je fait une réservation, à plus de 30 km car je n'ai pas envie de chercher des heures ce soir, a un prix raisonnable dans une station de ... read more
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North America » United States » North Carolina » Boone June 29th 2010

There are a great number of photos in this blog but we make no apologies. The Blue Ridge Parkway has simply been too spectacular! Please make sure you see the pictures on pages 2 and 3 as well!! We rejoined the Blue Ridge Parkway in the town of Boone, named after the explorer Daniel Boone! We were Couch Surfing there with a great guy named Jared. He's an artist and a musician and very talented at both. Whilst we were staying we got to see his band, Living Art, practice for their gig that night. Because it started at 10pm and was going on until 2 or 3 we didn't go along but their rehearsal session sounded fantastic. After a very peaceful and relaxing night we drove along the Blue Ridge Parkway to the car park ... read more
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