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September 11th 2016
Published: September 4th 2017
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Decided to head off and walk Downtown (in hindsight...big mistake,we were exhausted before we did anything) and weaved through central park.

Interestingly, no one has balconies, but everyone flocks to Central Park.

Times Square is full on with so many people!

Broadway is lit up like a christmas tree.

Rockerfeller Centre was interesting and found the Top of the Rock. Went to buy tickets and decided to book for the evening as the sun set.

Thought we'd find a small park and a bit of green lawn and lay down under a shady tree with a drink and rest up. OOPS, wrong again. What a park. People everywhere. The only grass is in the full open sun. Under the trees is where everyone sits and there's thousands of seats and tables (all on concrete), a reading corner (complete with racks of books) and table tennis. okay quick stop and we may need to head home to rest.

The New York Public Library building was magnificent. Albeit no books. Its no longer used as a working library, although it holds some archives and is more of a museum. Onto Grand Central Station to buy our Metro Cards and use the subway. Oh boy, its clean and old and massive! Had to get help, you'd never find the subway here without help. Beautiful building. Fun fact....all trains in America used to stop at Grand Central.

Home for a quick rest and then time to head to Top of the Rock. Wasn't sure it was going to be worth it. Booked for 6.55pm. Takes 20mins to get through crowds and bag checks. Everyone likes sunset it would seem. Magnificent views. We were there for 2 hours. Didn't realise we'd paid for photos but you have to find the photographer...wasted our money there.

Off to Juniors for tea, in the Broadway district. Great place but 9pm for dinner....we're starving! Cost around $60US for burgers and salads.

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Times SquareTimes Square
Times Square

Kirsten loves it
Batttery ParkBatttery Park
Batttery Park

Best we could shady grass to enjoy
New York Public LibraryNew York Public Library
New York Public Library

Awesome building but no books in there anymore
Original picture of NY Public LibraryOriginal picture of NY Public Library
Original picture of NY Public Library

An old photo of the library
Top of the RockTop of the Rock
Top of the Rock

Magnificent views
Top of the RockTop of the Rock
Top of the Rock

GIrls enjoyed it
Top of the RockTop of the Rock
Top of the Rock

Night views of the Empire State Building

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