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July 21st 2016
Published: July 22nd 2016
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Balloon Rally ParadeBalloon Rally ParadeBalloon Rally Parade

Wellsville, NY
Well, now this is something. I've taken a jillion photos since my last blog and what have I done with them? Nothing! Absolutely nothing! Except to procrastinate that it is time to write another blog. I can hear you all applauding...right? I will probably have to write 2 blogs or you will be thinking you are reading a big novel like War and Peace. More applause? So, prepare yourselves. This is going to take awhile. Gather around everyone....get comfy and sit back while my blog does our talking for us. Yawn!! Moan!! Hey, I heard that!

Back on July 9th, Cory and I went to a local parade in our town of Wellsville. It was the beginning celebration (one week before) for our big Hot Air Balloon Rally held every year. Thousands of people come from all over to be a part of this grand rally. We hadn't been to this parade before and we were very impressed. It had many participants including many antique cars, Fire, Police and Ambulance trucks & cars, etc., N.Y. Senator Catherine Young, floats from local businesses and services, a band, our friend, Roger, on his big wheel bicycle, a bus and walking group from
Geese FloatGeese FloatGeese Float

Honk, Honk
the ARC, a local balloonist (Bill Childs) releasing his propane into his huge balloon and much more. At the end of the parade, a man & his wife drove their lawn tractors pulling geese in a cage. Something for everyone. The front of the parade was led by John Rigas (recently released from prison) riding in a local, famous, antique Cord car which was seen on a recent show of "The American Pickers" TV show. The parade was really nice. The balloon man sauntered by us with a limited number of balloons and flags. Not quite like the balloon man at Disney. You can't even see him with all his festive trinkets. We were glad we went and I hope you were, too. No, Lulu didn't go - she was miffed because she couldn't be in the parade so she boycotted it. Kind of like John Kasich not being at the Republican convention.At the very minute when the parade ended, it started to rain. What timing! Everyone scattered in various directions. The rain was welcomed but it didn't last long. Our yards look like tan, crunchy Captain Crunch cereal. And it is really crunchy when you walk on it. It's been a great summer for pool people. We don't have a pool anymore but we are loving this summer.

After the parade, we headed north to Belmont, NY (10 miles). They were having their Amity Daze: community yard sales, antique car show, musical entertainment, food vendors, etc. We had a delicious chicken barbecue. Yummy! Have you had your fill of barbecues so far this year? We can eat them all year! They are just not the same in Florida....that's why we are filling up on them now whenever we get the chance. Chicken-Chicken-Chicken Barbecue! Bring them on.

Because someone locally posted some beautiful pictures of a famous house in Wellsville, I am going to share a few with you. It is a painted lady house. It is called "The Pink House". It is owned by a long standing local family who only visits it on a rare occasion. A caretaker lives in the back. On Halloween, they do hand out trick or treat goodies. Sometimes they have tours but not often. There is a lot of history to this old house so if you google "The Pink House" Wellsville, NY., you can read all about it. Do it, you'll like it. I have never been on the inside but my mother knew the previous caretaker and she showed my mother through this unique house. Lucky!

Just as I thought.....I need to write another blog or this one will seen like it will never end. The Unending Journey. So, take a break -- rest up and prepare yourself for my next novella. We'll see you then. Toot-a-loo

P.S. Lots of photos so remember to keep scrolling WAY down.😎

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Big Wheel BicycleBig Wheel Bicycle
Big Wheel Bicycle

Roger Bentley
Charlie JoyceCharlie Joyce
Charlie Joyce

Barb Hetzel on Democratic Float
Old carsOld cars
Old cars

And limo

And long cars
ARC busARC bus
ARC bus

And members
Deceased Dr. Miller's car & his familyDeceased Dr. Miller's car & his family
Deceased Dr. Miller's car & his family

He delivered our son, Tim. Paul & Debbie Vossler in their antique truck Patriotic Float
Service vehiclesService vehicles
Service vehicles

Otis Eastern bulldozer
Fire Trucks Fire Trucks
Fire Trucks

Power wash truck
Belmont Amity DazeBelmont Amity Daze
Belmont Amity Daze

Chicken Barbecue Tent
Antique shopAntique shop
Antique shop

Amish Horse
Car shows carsCar shows cars
Car shows cars

Our PT Cruiser - not in show

22nd July 2016

No rain on our parade
Great parade!-miss the barbeque chicken,Amity Daze and YOU GUYS!!!!
22nd July 2016

Miss you, too
Not a lot of things to do & see around here. You have so much around you. Hope all is well with Les & you. Miss you a lot. I put a video on Les's Facebook messenger about Dr. Miller.

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