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September 8th 2016
Published: September 8th 2016
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Seneca Niagara CasinoSeneca Niagara CasinoSeneca Niagara Casino

Their hotel behind it
Oh, Lucky Day! You all get to share in my birthday present from sweet Cory. Back on May 5th (my birthday), Cory bought tickets for the Boy George Concert being held on September 3rd at the Seneca Niagara Casino in Niagara Falls (NY). And, of course, you are included.

I've always loved Boy George and his songs from back in the 1980's. I would cross-country ski the old railroad trail from Shongo to Wellsville (@10 miles)on this WAG trail. Our dear dog, Dino, was my companion on those challenging hikes. Oh, to be young, again....and thin! ....and to still have Dino with us. While sailing over the white, slick snow....I would listen to Boy George's tape on my walkman headphones. By the time I reached my destination (my mother's house) I would have listened to each of his songs probably a dozen times each. The more he sang, the faster I would ski and the louder I would sing along with him. ๐ŸŽถ๐ŸŽถKarma Chameleon....Do You Really Want To a Hurt Me?๐ŸŽถ๐ŸŽถ--all of them. It was great! I do hope you love Boy George as much as I do.

Before we take our seats, I need to back up for
Lory & GwenLory & GwenLory & Gwen

Me & Gwen
another happy event. Cory's older sister, Gail, and her husband, Dick, were traveling through New England. On their way home (Toledo, OH.) they stopped in Smethport, PA.(their growing up hometown). They contacted us about getting together for dinner. They also contacted their younger sister, Gwen, and her husband, Bob. We would all meet at the restaurant Beef n' Barrel in Olean, NY. Gwen & Bob stopped at our house first --- Lory had come by so she was able to see them both which was really nice. We rode together to Olean. After dinner, they came back to our house and stayed overnight. It was very nice sharing a delicious meal with everyone. Lots of catching up to do. Meal servings were huge so lots of leftovers for our backyard, wild critters. New visitors showed up for this banquet! Turkey vultures moved in and managed to devour the majority of it. The other critters eventually showed up but only minute tidbits left. Sad.

Back to Buffalo.....buckle up. Well, really we are in Niagara Falls. Our hotel was the Sheraton across from the casino...their rooms were sold out! Their computer was down so our check-in was delayed. They gave us
Dinner togetherDinner togetherDinner together

Cory, me, Dick, Bob, Gwen, Gail
drink coupons to compensate for the problem. That works. TGIF and The Rainforest Cafe were attached to the hotel. We picked TGIF (outside) for our drinks....hope you liked that choice. It was pleasant and relaxing. There was a wedding set-up in the closed roadway right next to where we were seated. Cory took my photo in the arch. They had at least 100 chairs set up facing it. Lulu would have loved this. Her chance to pose in a wedding decor. She loves white. She's so pure, you know. She stayed back to house-watch, again. Getting her into the concert would have made a scene. All attention was on "Boy"....never to steal his thunder.

After slugging down a couple pops, we ambled down the walkway towards the Falls. We ran into a festive event....a Taste of Niagara Falls. Good but we didn't partake. Saving ourselves for a big dinner. We strolled into a few gift shops. When we were here for our 50th anniversary with our family, I bought a small, solar operated Queen Elizabeth. She waves, her royal wave, continuously on our window sill. When we got her home, we discovered he legs were broken...oh, dear. Rats! We
Bob & Gwen cruising on the cartBob & Gwen cruising on the cartBob & Gwen cruising on the cart

Cory hops aboard...time to feed critters
glued them so she can stand strong and keep doing the royal wave. No matter, this time, we bought another Queen that isn't damaged. This one is wearing a pink dress. The broken Queen has a blue dress. Now, they both stand close together, giving us the full royal wave. Terrific. Long Live The Queen! Lulu stands (best she can) in awe of them. We never made it to the Falls. Decided to gamble at the casino, eat at their buffet and then go to the concert. We are on a dead run now....hoping for $$$$ at the slots. Hah! Dream On -- Dream On!

Spiffed up and ready to go. We decided to eat first. The buffet was advertised $12.95 MON.- FRI.! Today is Saturday....price $27. 95. Whaaaat? No way. Even if I wanted to...I could not eat that much food to make it worth well. Plus, one angry fellow passed us by in line and said " Don't do it - it's not worth it!" Good enough for us...fair warning. We hobbled our way to the other end of the casino for more eateries. Lots of folks seem to be enjoying themselves in a hamburger joint. By
New critters arrive + some crowsNew critters arrive + some crowsNew critters arrive + some crows

Turkey vultures! Ugly!
the time I got all the added FREE condiments, my burger was at least 8" tall. I had to cut it apart to eat it. My mouth is big but not thaaat big! $9.00 and well worth it plus very tasty.

Gambling time. I found a couple of good slot machines....paid off a little. Better than eating up my money! But then, as usual....the slots turned mean and it was time to "fold 'em". Of course, you now know the senerio....."Crap Table Cory" came through with his hard six and hard eight. His hands were full of big chips...they colored him up! Yahoo. ๐ŸŽถ๐ŸŽถ๐ŸŽถWe're in the money now.๐ŸŽถ๐ŸŽถ๐ŸŽถ

We skipped to the cashier and he tucked his winnings away. Good job, Bucky! Time to head to the concert hall. Only a few are seated but we are early....and anxious. They direct us to our seats. WOW! I can't believe it! Cory got seats in the second row, center stage. I'm going to be able to smell Boy George! Yippee. After awhile, the hall fills up. Some woman is dressed in similar garb that BOY used to wear in his "high" days. She's just a couple seats down from
At Sheraton Hotel At Sheraton Hotel At Sheraton Hotel

Pretty balls
us. But the real Doozy is yet to come. Like the arrival of Spiderman, this shaved headed woman comes dancing and flailing her arms to her front row seat....right in front of me! Her girlfriend is in tow. She's yelling and squealing while hugging the stage. This is going to be something...I know. I think she has contracted Saint Vitus Dance. The usher had told me that no picture taking was allowed. What a disappointment. Quickly, I see that is a farce. Everyone has their phone and IPads out and ready. Na-na-na-na-na. There are many unique looking attendees in this arena. We are all here to see "Boy" so it makes sense. He is very unique himself. He has been clean and sober for 8 years now so his garb and appearance are not quite as outlandish as it used to be. He still says he dresses everyday like it is Halloween. He's great!

His show began at 8:15 PM. He has a fantastic band and back up singers. His act was marvelous. He sang every song I wanted to hear except for Karma Chameleon. Noooooo. No intermission. The show ended at 10:00 PM but with all the screaming and carrying on by the audience, they all returned and of course, sang "Karma." I was melting! I can't even describe what Ms. Baldy was doing. Fortunately, they made her sit down most of the time cause the front row was a fire lane. We lucked out there cause she would have been twirling, twisting and high kicking herself on her chair. It was a wonder she wasn't hauled away for behaving like a double nut-cake plus. She drew so much attention to herself that of course, "Boy" acknowledged her but said she was probably drunk! As you can see, I took a lot of photos and a couple videos. Thank you, dear Cory, for a fantastic birthday present. I love you! We had a super view out our hotel room window. I went to sleep staring at the bright casino and tiny window lights of its hotel. What pleasant dreams I had....hope you did, too.

No time to waste on Sunday. We did manage a Walmart stop. Phew! I had a list...like always. A lot of traffic on the road: Labor Day Weekend.

Our next destination was the Knapp house. We were invited to celebrate our granddaughter
Taste of Niagara FallsTaste of Niagara FallsTaste of Niagara Falls

Ready for the wedding
Sara's 15th birthday. Lani & Roger were also there which was extra nice. One of Sara's presents was a leash for her bearded dragon lizard ......eeek! She likes it so I guess that's okay. Eeek!

A few days and we had managed to accomplish a lot. Every event was great. Hope you had fun with us. Nothing special on the agenda right now so you can take a rest. I wish we could. We decided to clean up our big patio that's enclosed and attached to our house. I should have taken a "before" picture of it. Years ago, we actually used it for parties and cook- outs. Eventually, it became one of our many storerooms for our antiques and collectibles and anything else we didn't know what to do with. It was completely packed & stacked: end to end, front to back, floor to ceiling with stuff. Mostly boxed....some not. A small, tight pathway led you from our kitchen door to the outside. Kind of like how it must have been long ago for the NYC brothers whose "walls of stuff" in their apartment collapsed and shut them off from an exit ....they died! So for the past
Two waving QueensTwo waving QueensTwo waving Queens

New one is healthier looking
few days, Cory and I have teamed up to get some of the stuff moved out. We used to do "Toy Show's". From this jammed patio, we hauled @ 200 board games into one of the back rooms in our house. Now, that room is packed & stacked! There's no winning here. Some of these games still bring a hefty price on EBay...so here's hoping. We threw some stuff away.....mostly empty boxes and wrapping material....and coat hangers. Cory used his shop vac and cleaned the place....what a difference. No more dead spiders and webs, moths, mice and whatever. Yuck! It was filthy. It's not perfect.....you wouldn't want to have a childbirth out there...but it is much, much better. My many Sally Patchin baskets are stored out here...packed in monster size boxes. Gradually, I will find a home for them. If nothing else, we have been able to sweat off a few pounds. Being older, it takes us longer to complete tasks like these. I think we'll take a day off before calling it quits on the packed patio. Our family and friends will be shocked to see it when we are done. It's still "filled to the hills" but the
Casino Casino Casino

pathway is bigger. Just like Walmart: they keep widening their aisles. So do we. Catch you another time. Signing off.

Additional photos below
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Boy GeorgeBoy George
Boy George

Same outfit but changed the colors 3x's
I could smell himI could smell him
I could smell him

And see little spittle come out
Sheraton Hotel Sheraton Hotel
Sheraton Hotel

View from our bed out the window

Sara's 15th birthday
New Leash New Leash
New Leash

On bearded dragon
Look at the cloud! Look at the cloud!
Look at the cloud!

Looking north from our yard
Red Sky at Night: Sailors DelightRed Sky at Night: Sailors Delight
Red Sky at Night: Sailors Delight

Looking West from our porch

8th September 2016

culture club concert
Great pics-felt like I was there!! Love those sunsets too!
9th September 2016

Do you go to Stratford soon? Or have you already been? Sunnydale Sales this weekend. Supposed to rain. Our daughter sets up at Della's house . Hope all is well at your end. Love, Sandy

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