Sitting At Gate 3 in JFK

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August 29th 2012
Published: August 29th 2012
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Sitting in JFK

Well it’s not E Concourse in Atlanta, but it’s an interesting difference.

Hello everyone, yes it’s me. I’m sure you’ve been wondering is Steve & Kirsten ever going to travel again. Where are those BLOGS? Yes, we have been traveling but mostly we’ve been taking cruises and Kirsten wouldn’t pay for Internet on the cruise ships, it was slow as 300 baud. Man I’m dating myself.

On that note this trip is dedicated to someone’s birthday, Kirsten instructed me to plan a trip to Italy a few months ago. I excitedly accepted and started planning; well about half way into planning she changed the scope of the trip to include a third person.

Hmmmm, you guessed it, Kirsten gave Bea a trip and she chose Italy. That’s Ok; I know how to handle scope creep. I worked at Darden.

This trip is different however; normally Kirsten and I would leave Orlando heading to Atlanta. This time Kirsten and Bea have a ticket; I’m on the famous buddy pass. But this time my new buddy is Pam, sorry Linda. She has a GREAT hire date. So far I’ve been the best S4 to date. Now I need to get an S3 status or better.

Ok, enough Delta stuff. I’m leaving a day ahead of Kirsten & Bea because the flights look better than the day Kirsten & Bea are leaving.

On this trip we will be traveling Northern & Central Italy, we’ll be attending an opera in Verona. Yep, this will be my first opera, it’s Aida. Bea will be there to tell me what all that singing means. It will be performed in Verona’s coliseum. From there we will be finding feasts and festivals from Zurich to and from Florence.

So I’m sitting here is New York City at gate 3 waiting for my 4:30 PM flight. I think I need a beer.

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29th August 2012

And once again....
...Youre not coming to see us in Paris! :-( Well, have a great trip anyway!
29th August 2012

of course...
well, of course you need a beer. Good luck on this great adventure! Looking forward to lots of comments and pictures.
29th August 2012

Have one for me, I NEED one.................I still work at Darden!!! ;) lol

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